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  1. SC4 via WiNE?

    well then it seems you got lucky! the aspyr port was playable for me to an extent (approx. 5,000 sims) then the framerate, which was already kinda sh*tty, got really bad. Yeah downloadable content worked well, but a framerate of 0.5fps is unacceptable, especially considering I'm running a five year old game on a year old computer. (now i have tinyxp up and running and the difference is night and day, I hadn't realized that even the god mode trees lagged that badly under os x) PS: I suppose this thread can be locked, if someone's into that sort of thing. Thanks again ev'rybuddy!
  2. SC4 via WiNE?

    Hey, thanks to all who replied here. I've finally given up on trying to hack sc4 xp into running natively in os x. The past couple of days i've been slogging through the headache of trying to partition a terribly fragmented drive with bootcamp assistant (expired beta, no less) in an attempt at dual booting tiger and tinyxp rev09. So far so good, but the progress has been painfully slow (seeing as i dont have a bootable tiger dvd-- my g4 imac + target disk mode saved the day!) Thanks again everybody, but I just dont have the patience to hack cider anymore....
  3. SC4 via WiNE?

    Right, i've got it *mostly* working, i think. I'm using cider v1133, it launches allright, but all I get is a blank (black) window with the sc4 mouse pointer and all the sounds (no gfx). Is there something I change in the plist, config, reg etc that will get me around this? edit: yeah, i've heard the apple's x11 is a bit buggy, esp. in rootless mode. but this cider thing seems to be working surprisingly well. (if only i could see what i was doing now! edit2: btw, I can;t seem to get the regedit.app stuff working. hm. it looks like this config file needs some tweaking. edit++:right, using different versions yields different results, but i can't read any of the text. are we just stuck with aspyr's port?
  4. SC4 via WiNE?

    cool, thanks. (sorry about the wierdness in my posts, i wasn't getting any confirmation that my posts were actually being posted, i'm just glad i didn't end up quadruple posting the same thinng edit: oh, looking at my post count it looks like i did. heh heh, erm...
  5. SC4 via WiNE?

    cider? where is an end user version available? all i can find are the developer resources on the cider website. hm... i d/l'ed the trial of crossover games, and i got the installer running so it might just be some tweaking of wine that's needed (cause isn't that all that crossover is? a fancy 'package manager' for wine?) but all of this will happen tomorrow, as its late you see... thanks for the responses so far!
  6. SC4 via WiNE?

    cider you say? i'll have to look into that. i was monkeying around with crossover games and the installer was working, so i wasn't about to give up. i figured if i could get it installed with crosssover, than it would work another free-er way... besides, what is crossover if not a fancy gui for a tweaked wine build? thanks, i'll go check out cider...
  7. SC4 via WiNE?

    Has anyone had any luck getting this to work? Maybe it'll run better than aspyr's steaming 'port'. I'm on a macbook running 10.4.11 and i've got the macports build of wine (don't remember the version). Any info on this would be super awesome. edit: k, my wine ver is 1.0.1 edit2: updated to the devel package of wine 1.1.12 gonna try that. according to wine's appdb, sc4 deluxe works better with 1.1.7+