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  1. Yes no update for my city from weekend play. Hyperion - Daedalus
  2. Starting over

    Well until they give us the ability to trade between your own cities in solo mode, the mode itself is almost pointless to play in.
  3. The Burning Question Thread

    Can someone explain why I should bother using anything other than high pop residential buildings? So far I haven't really bothered using anything but High pop res, with the exception of 1 or 2 mediums to help balance things. But perhaps I'm missing something here, as I'm only around 20k pop so far?!
  4. Well I don't know about any of that, but my city stats on the website updated immediately on exit last night. I presumed it was when it says uploading to server. I've seen that upload fail before and when it did it hadn't updated the web, but that wasn't the case for me last night.
  5. Missing Program Icons

    Actually with steam it gives you the option on the install to create an icon on your desktop, you can then move that icon where you like.
  6. The ever increasing list of bugs

    Couldn't see a thread for known bugs so I thought I'd put one up and see what others have found. CXL PO - Congestion - It seems that if you put a city highway junction and only that on a congested road it clears the congestion. I was playing around trying to replace a large avanue last night with a highway and tested it several times putting just the junction on with the other end on nothing and everytime the congestion issue disappeared when it was attached. ~Merged~
  7. Enjoying your city

    I'd like them to give you the option to have afk pause be turned on and off. I can see it's uses but I've had a few occasions that I'm watching TV and just wanted to let it build up my reserves in the mean time so I can look into make some more serious alterations. Having to move my mouse every so often to stop the pause really annoys me.
  8. A Newbie's Views

    I played SC4 a little, was actually heavily into 2000 more back when it was released. In the spirit of the OP, I thought I'd do the same and share my view from a different angle, seeing as I've been mostly away from teh city building side of this for so long. I downloaded the game on the 8th from steam, not realising that it was actually the live release date, so that was a plesent surprise in it's self, up to that point I've not been following any press or players comments on the beta. After running through the tutorials, the first thing I did was jump striaght into PO, as it's free for a week I thought I'd see how that was and whether it was worth it or not. The live chat was nice but spam city and full of negativity, also it went by so quick most sensible questions were drowned by doom and gloom. So I moved that off the page so it was barely visable to get my own view. I dived in fast, too fast it seemed, my old view of starting to zone off huge areas and laying down lots of roads from SC style of play. That soon got me into trouble! But fun trouble and a good learning curve, lots of issues like over supplying and over populating certain areas, poor traffic management and a like. This was like I said a good thing taught me that I should start smaller and grow slower. I've recently started a new city on the new UK planet, a plot that's a bit bigger and open with a nice balance of resources. And I done just what I said before started slow and had a lot more planning in mind. Before I even went into laying things down I worked out where I eventually wanted industry, oil, water, farms and some ideas on housing etc. This is working out very nicely, although I do find I'm looking at the unemployment statistics window a lot, and it's annoying that it closes everytime I want to do something like put down a high pop building. The thing that's addicting is the way it enforces you to play real time, growing things slowely with balancing gettin more and more difficult and of coarse designing your own sweet looking/running city. Cetainly I'd like to see more things I can alter, like a more detailed tax affector. I also think it's a shame that education/crime/fire etc.. are quite a hollow feature. More street level noises would be nice too. I will be looking forward to see how the GEMs are going to work, they certainly sound like a good addition. After the 2nd day playing it I payed for 3 more months of PO, knowing 2 things. 1. updates will happen & 2. I already enjoyed playing PO and could immediatly see the benifits of the trade system and being able to play with friends (even if it is only to look at what each other is doing and do some trading). Sorry that turned into a bit of a long post!
  9. Forum

    Yes I've seen that site but it doesn't seem to have a forum, unless I'm being terribly blind.
  10. Forum

    Is this the only forum for CXL? Not that I don't like this forum, just curious if I'm missing something as/more popular.