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  1. Create-A-Band Game

    Time Out Self-Made Laws g
  2. How is the person above you going to die?

    Trainmaster423 will die when he is controlling a toy train, and a 1/64 scale plastic figure will hop on the train and take out a life-size rocket launcher and blast his bawls off. lol
  3. This Or That

    The rules are simple: If I say coke or pepsi, someone would answer probably coke. Then they would ask and another person would answer. Also, put the category too. It's endless fun... Or at least we run out of ideas. Only Answer Once Per Question!!! Example: Cat: Terrain (me) Grass or Dirt? (other) Grass Cat: Food Pizza or Steak? (other 2) Steak... ______________ Let's Begin: Cat: Hair Styles Spikes or Afro?
  4. You know you've played simcity too long when...

    Your computer says "Stop touching my buttons"... LOL
  5. Regular mp4 vs. iPod nano (4th gen.)

    Danlikebooks: Yeah, I know the picture is, but I couldn't find a picture of mine... Also, it's CALLED an mp4 player. But it can play mp3, wma, & wav files. For video, (if I could use it) is amv files. Pictures are jpg (JPEG) files. I did get my music, pics and whatever on it though. I'm saving up 4 an ipod either way... Don't discuss piracy. - beebs
  6. 4 Christmas, I got a crappy little mp4 iPod nano 3rd gen want-abe, I hate it! It is supposed to have video, but it doesn't work!!! On the bright side, it has a built in radio and voice records. I want an iPod 4th gen cause: Hey! it has 8gb of memory. Soooo many skins and holders & portables speakers and what-not! Better games... iPod 4th gen (left) Peice Of crap mp4 (right) I'll let everyone fight over who will win!!