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  1. How to install content from STEX Discs

    How do I download and install content from the Stex DVD into my Simcity 4 game? I have installed the Stex DVD onto my computer, but haven't figured how to add the content into my game.
  2. I just installed the Sim City 4 launcher. The install went fine and the launcher worked fine the first time I used it. I had Sim City 4 and the launcher previously installed on my computer, but had to have the whole system restored, which left me having to re-install all my applications. For reasons unknown. I tried to run the launcher again, but it wouldn't even open the launcher application. I tried Sim City 4 without the launcher and the game loaded fine and was running, but after about 20 minutes of play, not only the game, but the whole computer froze. I able to exit the game using Ctrl+alt+del to run the task manager, but of course I wasn't able to save the changes made in the game. What would be causing the launcher not to run? I will try to restart my system and see if that fixes the problem. Please note, I am using Windows 10. I have been using Sim City 4 on my Windows 10 computer well over a year. Crashes in the game do occur, but were much reduced when I used the launcher. I have admin rights in my user account on Win 10, so that wasn't the issue for me. I have plenty of room on my hard drive, so that isn't the issue either.
  3. I have had issues running SimCity 4 on Windows 10. I am able to run the game on Windows 10, using the SC4 Launcher and have the most recent update of the launcher. I get game crashes at times. Usually the game will just stop running and go to the Windows desktop, but other times the game just freezes up and cause the whole computer to freeze. I had to restart the computer just to get the system and game running again, which was successful. I have one question. I have one city with a complicated terrain. The city has many levels and tiers of zones. My question is, will a city with a complicated terrain on many levels cause more crashes than a city with a flat terrain, maybe because either the game's file size is too big or perhaps just other problems with a complicated terrain, maybe because possibly the computer's graphics card can't handle it. One time the game crashed and the city was wiped down to a flat city with nothing on the board. I used a backup copy of the file which I was able to restore most of the city. Most of the zones are medium density and city population is about 100,000. In addition to the multi-tiered terrain, every tile that can be occupied is occupied either with a zones, parks (and other recreational area) tiles and buildings.
  4. Hello, Can someone please let me know where the download for the Sim City 4 Launcher (release Simcity 4 Launcher - Updated (29/05/15) 1.5.0b - R11) is located ? Please let me know - thanks. Following 12 ?
  5. I have the SC4 Launcher installed. Sometimes it works, other times it does not work. It seems like it has all the features, but how can I tell if I have the latest version? Is there an "update" function? Where can I go to re-download it?