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  1. Garbage Cheat?

    Well, I found a glitch that takes care of all garbage and allows you to have $100 million+. What you do is create 2 cities that are small but have a large ability to contain garbage. Then create a new city connected to those two and still make it small, but with NO GARBAGE DISPOSAL capabilities (dumps, recycling, landfills, etc.). Garbage will build up until a deal is made between your two neighbors. If an import option is not available, export with both until an import is. Cancel all deals, then select an import option of 10 units. Then use the export option on the other city to get rid of all of your trash. If all goes well, you renew it every year, and you have a ton of money. And NEVER build a trash disposal facility, or the deal will fail. This is great if you don't have the expansion pack, like myself. I have $652 million and growing.