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  1. Lazy Sims

    After reinstalling the NAM, still having problems. Take a look at the picture of the city I've attached. First, will the changes from reinstalling the NAM with a higher traffic simulator take effect when opening a city in progress? Second, lets address the jobs that are available. -4,000 CO$$ (Light Blue) -1,000 CO$$$ (Dark Blue) -5,000 ID (Orange) -3,700 IM (Yellow) Now residential demand: -9,000 R$ -10,000 R$$ -14,000 R$$$ Like I said before services are top notch and desirability is virtually maxed out, all the way up to R$$$ Finally, I'm confused about some issues with jobs & query tools discrepancies. For example, using the two Dead Forest Paper companies (in orange) DFP # 1: query tool - 5916/6000 jobs occupied route query - 1897/6000 jobs occupied DFP # 2: query tool - 4320/6000 jobs occupied route query - 2762/6000 jobs occupied This discrepancy occurs on nearly every business Comm. & Ind. in my region. Both plopped and grown.
  2. Lazy Sims

    I just reinstalled the NAM with the "ultra" traffic simulator, I'll see what that does.
  3. Lazy Sims

    Yeah, I've installed the latest version of NAM, is that the traffic simulator you're talking about?
  4. Lazy Sims

    I've been playing SC4 for a few years, and I'd consider myself a very experienced player, yet this game still is able to leave me stumped. I'm wondering why I can't get any residential development? There are over 3000 jobs available in the areas circled in red. C$$ jobs, ID jobs, and IM jobs. My residential demand is over 7000 in all wealth levels, over 11k in R$! Crime, Fire, Health, Education, Pollution are all taken care of and in good shape. I would think my transportation network is adequate considered proximity, with the highways and avenues. Still I have no residential growth. On the left side of the screen shot you see homes abandoned due to commute times, however these home developed quickly when zoned, but were dilapidated within a couple months! Any comments or suggestions would be great, I'll put them into action to see if they'll work.
  5. Meadowshire Terrain Mod

    ohhhhh. good idea. I should of thought of that one myself.
  6. Meadowshire Terrain Mod

    yeah, the default maxis texture are still showing up. I've even tried to install other terrain mods (Missouri Breaks), it didn't work either.
  7. Sounds like a good project when I've got some extra time on my hands.
  8. Hi everybody. I'm having problems getting the Cycledogg Meadowshire Terrain to take hold. I have the necessary dependencies, No3&4 terrain textures. I have no other custom terrain/rock mod installed. I do have Custom water (brigantine) installed, but from what I understand that would not create a conflict. I have tried to install/locate the file(s) in different sequences in my plugins folder, but to no avail. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.
  9. RHW- Show us your pics!

    @ Cacks Nice work on the interchange. What terrain mod are you using in those pics?
  10. Avenue Turning Lanes

    Any info on the NWM? or other sources of avenues with "suicide lanes"
  11. when i place cobblestone streets, brick streets, etc... from the SAM there are white edges along the side. This happens if there is development next to the streets or not.
  12. Can't Find it? Ask Here!

    elemented9: Thanks, I got it worked out, I had to get the SAM. one more question, on the SAM, the cobblestone streets, brick streets, etc... When I build a section there is a white strip approximately where the sidewalks would be. This happens even if I build these streets with nothing bordering them. Any ideas why this is going on?
  13. New Official BAT Request Thread

    How about Hammons Tower in Springfield, Missouri. AKA the "Darth Vader Building"....It is 22 or 23 stories with a Restaurant on top floor.