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  1. San Paso

    I just finished reading through the original CJ for San Paso, and rushed through this one as soon as possible so I could make a comment on these CJs - first of all, congratulations on having such a fluid process of showing this city to us, it's been such a pleasure to read and incredibly entertaining to read through the satire (especially in the newspapers)! I hope you can get back into the swing of things soon with this CJ renewel. Second of all, I would like to sponsor this urban renewal project for the CBD of San Paso. It looks like a plan that would not only inspire city beautification and bring businesses back, but would also begin to help San Paso distinguish itself from the multitude of southwestern cities that have the same problems (i.e. sprawl, crime in the CBD, and non-pedestrian friendly). Good luck to San Paso, I hope to see some spectacular growth soon!
  2. What is it with school that makes me want to...run out screaming?

  3. Reemergence of crisis in Bogotá

    Well Hackinosa, my belief is that any country worth traveling to should come with its dangers. As a fellow Colombian myself, I have had the chance to visit the country many times, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in seeing the very unique way a country can incorporate rural and urban development within just a few sq kilometers. As for the issue with El TransMilenio, I have a theory on that. The biggest problem in Bogotá right now is its infrastructure. The highways crumble, the bridges fall into disrepair, and the entire road system in the city has a myriad of cracks and potholes. But this is not due to ignorance, or failure to produce adequate funds. In fact, Bogotá has one of the most expensive transportation maintenance budgets in the world. The answer to the dilemma? Too many vehicles. Thousands of cars and motorcycles traverse these roads and streets every single day, and because of the constant restoration on asphalt, there are hundreds of bottlenecks throughout the city at any given time. This creates an overload of traffic along corridors meant only for a fraction of what is in use. That means that the top priorities in the city are the highways and avenues that need roadwork, not to mention the dozens of homes and apartment buildings that need maintenance due to heavy cracking from nearby roads. A metro system of high caliber is sorely needed in Colombia, more specifically in its larger cities. But the truth of the matter is that the transportation system in the country is not the top priority anyway of the government, and so it falls easily into a list of items the country needs, but which it never gets the chance to actually do something about.
  4. Timbervale

    Jacob, this is my first time posting on Simtropolis, and let me just say, you have a natural-born gift! I mean, aside for the other very popular CJs you have (Pine Grove, anyone?), Windsor Park, Timbervale, it all becomes increasingly clear that your ability to manipulate pictures and create a strong, working story line is cause for celebratory emotions. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work, congratulations on all the great support, and I hope to see many more entertaining updates soon! -JonnyColombiano-