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  1. If you are building without adding power then you will run out. You might try a stronger power source.
  2. Abadoned buildings

    That water thread reminded me, I don't believe that industry that is abandoned for lack of water will come back without demolition.
  3. Originally posted by: Naggert Yeah I sometimes find 4-5 old pumps.. But those I have now are all new and well funded pumps.. The water demand is 6.000.000 cu m/month.. Brokens pumps shouldn't imo have no effect on that..quote> Have you clicked on those buildings to check the reason for the abandonment? I don't think industry comes back if it is abandoned for lack of water.
  4. Abadoned buildings

    The one exception, some grown houses and commercial spaces do not if they are abandoned for lack of water. I don't know why as this is, as it is not the case most of the time. Also, in my experience, any plopped building that is abandoned for lack of water will need to be demolished. The one good thing about these is that they do not deteriorate with abandonement like buildings which grow do.
  5. Farming

    I am pretty sure farms are only for $. BTW, that is a heck of a nice looking place for a farm village. I am not sure that is sustainable. I would think a village that size which makes most of it's living on farms would need little in the way of commercial other than a general store and perhaps a small restaurant. Those would be good additions if anyone who is good at that sort of thing is reading. A general store and small cafe. Perhaps an old gas station with just one or two pumps.
  6. WatchMeMove

    I assume you've tried it and didn't notice anything.
  7. I think a lot of people use cheat as synonymous with anything added later after the game was released, other than the actual released expansion.
  8. Why is that a problem?
  9. That's my point. At least in previous games they would. Makes it a little more interesting at least. The game is unrealistic enough, you would think they could have given us that. Even if it doesn' reproduce at the same level, the building delapidation is ok to a degree, but why expect a building which is not being maintained remain ok except for a lack of a coat of paint? For instance, in previous games, if mansions stayed vacant long enough, they would eventually be torn down and be replaced with shacks. In this game, a low density mansion will never be anything but a low density mansion. That is rediculous.
  10. In previos SC incarnations even the largest buildings would eventually fall apart and be replaced. It seems that in SC4, once a building site has developed a building large enough, that building is there to stay until you demolish it. Anyone else annoyed by this? I don't mind the building delapidation, but it seems like eventually the building would fall down if it had been abandoned long enough.
  11. Can't find the CD

    Originally posted by: Xyloxadoria For some reason EA messed up when they did thoose. The autoplay stuff is on disc 1, but you need disc two to play. quote> I had wondered why you needed disc 2 to play when virtually every other game is just the opposite.
  12. RHW 3.0 tut? (Now closed!)

    Originally posted by: moeom Tutorial...going to school basically. quote> Thatnks, I didn't realize it was an abrevation.
  13. RHW 3.0 tut? (Now closed!)

    Just out of curiosity, what's a "tut?"
  14. I would call SC more of a puzzle game with a great interface and a lot of bells and whistles. It has very little real world corelation.
  15. Polluting Industries

    Originally posted by: blakesterville if you want existing industrial areas to grow into high-tech areas , you will have demolish most of the existing industry(Of coarse , leaving the zones) and let it redevelop. quote> That's strange, I haven't had any trouble with high tech industry growing over existing.