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  1. Live streaming on now

    Anselm's partner is doing a twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/emeseles.
  2. Theme Hospital offered for free on Origin

    It *still* won't run on my latest PC. The cmd window pops up briefly saying something about "blah blah too fast" then it disappears.
  3. Well thats what I was saying. Have the days long enough to see realistic journey times, but be daring enough to have each day represent several years of city development time. What will be unrealistically speeded up will be the rate at which buildings and roads are built, but I don't remember any city sim player ever complaining building or road making was unrealistically fast in their game! If by the end of each reasonable length day, 5 or 10 years worth of building has happened, then the game will still make the required progress, while still satisfying the people who want to see realistic journeys, and day/night cycles. No I don't believe the day will have to last a day in realtime in order to complete realistic journeys - the distances are always condensed in a game. Especially in Skylines where it is intended an airport and farm are only 4 tiles wide.
  4. Developer Diaries Discussion

    I'd love a short livestream sometime to see this feature and maybe a quick Q&A. No need to actually do development in the stream, just a show and tell and ask.
  5. There were better ways they could have handled time flow so as to still have a rapid rate of years. For example, have one day per year - so a child is only at school for 14 days. A day/year could last 10 minutes or however long would not make the cars have to travel all jerkily! Could even be two years per day! Just means buildings go up in a couple of minutes, but thats ok isn't it? We could even have weekends, and they would take 2 or 4 years in the development progression. If seasons came in, you could have 7 days per season - meaning a season would last up to 14 years. But that's ok it would still *look* right in play. What I am saying is that just cos they want the years to pass fast doesn't mean the days have to flash past like a strobe. We can just use a different calendar.
  6. I just don't understand why they persist in ignoring my very straightforward question about whether there will be any sort of daily cycle of school/office hours to emulate busier and quieter periods on the roads, or whether the traffic flow will be averaged out at all times due to the days being too short to simulate rush hours. One time I asked I was told it may not have been decided yet, but surely by now, several weeks later, and with the simulation blog written, it should have been.
  7. 10/31 Special Announcement

    ...or AE coming out of the closet. There is no closet in his livestreams, only a sofa. If he had anything to reveal he'd have to come out from under the sofa not out of the closet.
  8. 10/31 Special Announcement

    Oh... I thought Anselm was going to prove me right and announce his marriage or an impending child.
  9. The Road to Alpha, Week 31 - New Place, For Real!

    The live stream people guessed the place!
  10. The Road to Alpha, Week 31 - New Place, For Real!

    Well it rules out England as he already speaks English. But it still could be Wales
  11. The Road to Alpha, Week 30 - New Place!

    I think he pretty much gave it away as someone said "is that girl your sister?" and he smiled a funny smile and said "no she's not my sister". I know that type of smile...
  12. The Road to Alpha, Week 30 - New Place!

    No one in England would have that horrid wallpaper any more (unless he's squatting in a derelict house) Oh heck, I hope I haven't just been incredibly rude about his girlfriend's parents' house!
  13. The Road to Alpha, Week 29 - Exciting Times

    tbh I don't think this game will be finished in any meaningful timescale if at all now. And like A Nonny Moose I think he's probably making the right decision for himself. He is a very young person (comparatively) and at this stage in his life, his personal development should be his priority. I hope he can still do his final Uni year some time. However I can't help also feeling something for the people who donated to buy him the expensive computer rig he will be leaving behind for a year, and hoping none of them were young people like Anselm or younger, who couldn't afford those donations easily.
  14. The Road to Alpha, Week 27 - Front Lawn Freeway

    Btw I was wrong earlier, I asked him and he has only been coding during livestreams not at other times.
  15. The Road to Alpha, Week 27 - Front Lawn Freeway

    I thought he was intending to try and make money from it? I am not disagreeing with what you say about him going on with his other interests, just making that isolated point that I don't think he was intending Citybound to be just a hobby.