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  1. Tourist city without Destinations

    nice, but Destinations is dirt cheap now, and it has SOOO much in it, its a major upgrade to SCS. Even gamespot says that Destinations gives SCS a focus.
  2. Introduction

    Sorry im a bit lazy, but i already have this hugely established on the tilted mill forum, starting from 2 years ago. So for the 3 chapters i am just linking back, but for chapter 4 i will tell it normally here (and of course as well over there) cities on the Kryta Island Chapter 1- Aspenwood (under Kryta) http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22563 (the city is also being recreated in Cities XL and will be posted as a normal journal here ) Palm Oasis (under Union Pacific) http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23630 Cambria, my signature city ( Union Pacific) http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24076 -------------------------- Chapter 2 The Last Day Dawns, a war of Union Pacific and Kryta http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24733 --------------------------- And finally chapter 3 ( a work still in process) http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25178 enjoy!
  3. Originally posted by: enricociccio simcity 4 is better than simcity socetes because remove the old zoning sistem and alot of stuff from the sc4 gamplay and the mod for scs is creepyquote> hmm so they were creepy, huh? are these really that bad?
  4. The end of planet offer

    i never paid for Cities XL PO, i did free trail but i wanted to wait for the game to finish its teething stage, and join in when maybe the 2nd content pack comes in or so and the servers have matured. I used to hate SP and gave up on Cities XL all together until the patch that made onicorp a little more reasonable and realistic, i am now building cities again on this game. I am really disapointed that Monte Cristo is already throwing in the towel on this project. All they need was a little creativity in every aspect to grab attention. There is soo much they could of done with this. And to help support Monte Cristo with the future of Cities XL i will sub for its last month being alive. This is like a ship wreck, people are cheering about this, but this is really just a killer. The constant evolving of the game that could make it live on for years and years is gone. All we will get now is a major patch in 2011 that will fill a bunch of the unfinished parts of the game and add final touches, like CL2008 did.
  5. SC4 was very plain and bland itself, it took its expansion and then mods to build it up. I wouldn't be able to play SCS without mods, i have nearly every mod out there for SCS, or at least over 85%. I make my own parks, walk ways, plazas, backyards, tree zoning, and etc. I even have modded airlines for the planes that come into the airport, such as Cathay Pacific and Air France. SCS doesn't have zoning because it doesn't flow with the game, EA is trying to reset the marker for gaming, they feel that games have gotten harder and harder and left the new generation behind, and letting them catch up with a hook with bait on it. Another real reason is that SCS is about making your city yours, the most fun part is designing your city, of course stratagy mode adds a little bit of a realistic touch to it, but just ploping zoning down has really no personal touch to it, Simcity and Cities XL cities all look bland and about the same compared to everyone's SCS cities. Just compare some on the tilted mill forum http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=36
  6. here we go again... Can all SCS haters just go away and let those of us who enjoyed it enjoy it, go play your own game and be happy with it. I have gotten more hours out of SCS than any other game outside of MMOs.
  7. Looking Back: Was SCS really that bad?

    oh yeah the graphics were awesome
  8. Im just asking now its more on a 20/20 vision where SCS has fade into the shadows everywhere except the Tilted Mill SCS forum is still going strong and active, was SCS really that bad of a game? Kill me for saying this, i love this game. There is soo much replay value in the game.I created 2 city journals of this game which i had a lot of fun making http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=23630 and http://www.tiltedmill.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24076 and currently moving on to the Last Day has Dawn story.Ever since patch for or Destinations, the game has had a focus, a little of the best of both worlds, but still towards the virtual world.Come on, who doesn't want to during Christmas time make your like fantacy winter wonderland mountain town covered in snow and candy canes? There is no other, NOT ONE, other city builder that is as flexible and giving with freedom as SCS, let you make your own hand made parks (with the offical mod exchange ) have a cow or horses in the middle of your city. Its anything you want The best part of it, you can just lay your dream city out, or play with a little difficulty. There are strategy modes, basic, i forgot the med one, and nightmare. Basically there are maintenance cost of most buildings, some higher then others, the higher your setting the more it will effect what you will place, while on basic very lightly.At midnight you must pay for the bills, if you run out of cash, the buildings you couldn’t pay for will be disabled for X amount of hours, or the power places will just have reduced power pumping out for X amount of hours.Your income from work places or tourism must cover or else your city will just be a falling apart town.You can also reduce the amount you pay for buildings in maintenance, but the lower you set the percent bar, the higher chance the building will fall apart or be in poor condition. Its just sad to see how just of one new game that wasn't what people wanted (a successor to SC4) they will jump up and down and scream, march over to the tilted mill forum and practically kill the peaceful little forum that took a while to recover from, when all they were doing was filling EA's request.It wasn't more like this is what we want in the game, it was more you guys suck let Maxis make the game.Doing crap like that doesn't open doors, it only shuts them.I know the game, i played a game with a linux community with a linux company, to get what you want, there are certain things you don't do that will tick them off that will cut off from the community. Most of those who have so much hate for this game, think of why. Most of the reasons why, you are comparing to SC4 or using SC4 as some sort of model, this game was in no way to succeed SC4, SC4 is not some holy divine model that all City builders have to follow.The game was not made for realism, and you can tell in the graphics that it was some fantasy world, haven't you noticed why WoW graphics are the way they are? Just playing the Cities XL demo the minute you get on the chatbox is full of hate of Monte Cristo and 3x hate for SCS.If you say something in defense of SCS....geez.......>>
  9. CXL Pricing-Is Monte Cristo serious?

    $6 a month really isn't that bad, i can't expect them to give it to us for free online play.For one they are a small company and have limited reasources. And its not cheap keeping all these cities, if you think of it, a city, its trade, population, all and etc is more data then your WoW character.The servers are not free, they cost money to operate.Plus they will also need some sorta GM to moderate the 2 year olds who want to fight over nothing on the chat. Really its 3 dollars, but thats in euros, for us the United States, thank Bush and Obama for our war we can't for causing us to just print out more money.
  10. ist it good or not

    I honestly think this game is fun, i do, but this game has many issues that are friken annoying, EA and tilted mill are blaming people and programs right and left, but they sure won't blame their own game. I have an BRAND NEW ALIENWARE yet i run into many problems, and tilted mill has yet to help me, they blew me off, so did EA.Every patch makes the game worse and worse, from patch 2 just being super unstable, to patch 3 with crashing exactly 5 mins after city loads, to patch 4 with the game now crashing every 2.51 mins.......Yet they blame vista, even though its ON THE BOX,they blame me for having a quad core processor, and my game can't run because quad cores are worthless and suck.Yet they can't simply tell me why all these games work on quad core... Guild Wars Zoo Tycoon 2 Unreal Tournament U Civ City Rome Outlaws The Movies Airline Tycoon Crysis Mall Tycoon 2 Restaurant Empire The Sims 2 Rappelz Tilted mill and EA are honestly complete idiots.This game even before was released was marked doomed and everyone was complaining,When people who go ahead and buy the game anyways, either hate the game,or the game crashes too much or looks too choppy.