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  1. Pop. Problem

    Ok, i'll try that approach and let you know what happens. Heres the Census data. I really have no idea what any of it means.. The RCI And this is pretty much how the Subway/Bus system is laid out throughout the entire city. Only the Subway is being used.
  2. Pop. Problem

    The city has plenty of HT and CO$$$ for its size, so its not the lack of jobs, and i've lowered the taxes on just about everything (except Dirty) and it still happens. Where's the tool, in the STEX?
  3. So i've been working on a large city for a few weeks, and i got up to 72K people. All residential RCI is through the roof, while comercial and industrial are mostly through the ground. As soon as i run the simulation, half of my city (all of which is on the downtown side of my main North-South freeway) decides they can't find their way to work and the population drops to 30K. I have a (very) dominant $$ city, fully functional Subway system, theres a bus system that no one uses, absolutely no congestion on my roads and commute time is around .5 until it decides to freak out (then it jumps to a whopping .7). what am i doing wrong, or is it something with the game?
  4. Originally posted by: vailo Thats totally awesome, I just want to know how the zoning/buildings are gonna work with the roads.quote> I saw on their blog that you would be able to draw out a multi-pointed shape that when completed would act as zoning. Its realistic zoning at its finest; no more blocky zones, and it would compliment the curves well.
  5. Transporation net works

    I'd like to plop freeway on/off ramps in the same way that you would create roads or the freeways themselves. The way SC4 has it is fine for straight connections, but it can be frustrating sometimes to work with at odd angles and such. And, the become very repetitive.
  6. What do you all mean by...

    wow, great! thanks guys.
  7. What do you all mean by...

    Oh I see, is there a thread or something that describes them and they're requirements? I'm relatively new here.. lol
  8. What do you all mean by "stage"? As in "Its a Stage # Farm", or "I can't believe you have that many stage #'s already!". I'm confused.
  9. Loughley

    I'm strangely attracted to your CJ. I can't wait to see where this one goes. I hope it goes smooth for you.