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  1. CTD...wayyyyy too often.

    Hi Fox First of all Have you installed all official Patches? I also have 2048 mb ram, but an AMD and a no name graphics card. Since I 'fixed' my SC4 I can run it for hours on end (6 hours was the longest yet) and I havent had one crash yet. I always run it on CPU0 - perhaps a different CPU will do the trick for you. Or try killing non required processes before starting it. hope you get to solve it soon, I know how frustrating it can be nanomaus
  2. CTD...wayyyyy too often.

    edit: deleted duplicate post due to DB Error nanomaus
  3. CTD...wayyyyy too often.

    Hi There fox I had a similar problem on a naked newly installed version on my dual core machine running XP - my fix was to make sc4 run on only one processor on high priority In case you don't know how to do that: Open your Taskmanager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) Switch to processes right click on the sc4 prozess and change the priority to high then right click on it again and click on the bottom most entry (is it change affinity?) A box should open where you can select which CPU the process should run on perhaps it works for you too nanomaus