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  1. Democrat/Republican?

    I try to do something like this.... Increase spending on social services. Manipulate taxes for cost. I usually manipulate rich people or dirty industry, to cover maintenance costs. In the end, the social services will help anyways, and I apparently keep my taxes pretty high compared to other people in the tax thread, but in this way, (most) people are happy, and I get money. Whats not to like?
  2. High density question

    Oh, thanks. Oh, and also, are there any middle density buildings after the the condos with about 250 people in them? I've never got very far in SC4.
  3. How to you set your taxes

    Start like this R$ = 9% R$$ = 8.5% R$$$ = 20% CS$ = 9% CS$$ = 8.5% CS$$$ = 9% CO$$ = 8.5% CO$$$ = 9% I-R = 9% I-D = 8.5% I-M = 9% I-HT - 20% then at the right time reduce R$$$ and I HT
  4. When it says you need a 26000 population, does it mean just residential or everything combined? It's been bothering me for some time.
  5. Hey, I've been lurking for quite a time but now seeing this really inspires me to play SC4 again. Nice cities!
  6. Douglas - A City Journal by JasonB52

    Wow! This city is really impressive. I hope to see more!