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  1. Latvia. Europe

    i tried doing what you said but when i open the region its just plain nothing i try pressing Ctrl-Alt-R but nothing happens when i left the game i opened the folder and there is a thing called lv-2 instead of 1 when i clicked on it it goes into the gallery and it shows the black and grey picture above the other is called config and its a little green and blue square i cant figure out how to make it work
  2. Traffic problems

    which NAM i checked and it and there are a lot of them on the exchange not many of them looked like they helped with road commute traffic
  3. Traffic problems

    Last time i was here was a few months ago but now i reinstalled my game on my computer but it seems like this site has changed alot and i cant find some of my old favorite mods but i was looking for one that helped with traffic and the amount on the roads the mod basicly helped keep the road volume down and commute time short without having to place anything near or on the roads, so anyone come across somthing like that?
  4. Ok so i have a big city around 300,000 sims or so and i keep getting reports about water pollution being a problem and i cant really put a water treatment plant right in the center of the best part of the city where all my high-rise buildings are and i tried it once it was very hard to have to destroy some of my tall buildings and the treatment plant just help for a little while is there a mod or download for this problem if there isnt can you tell me the name of a space saving water treatment plant