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  1. Is this Page a Scam?

    There is a thread for this in Simtropolis Related. You can e-mail dirktator@simtropolis.com or PM to Dirk. It is not a scam. It sometimes takes over a month if new disks have to be produced. The inventory is kept pretty low. Thanks for letting me know. I don't mind waiting if you are sure it's coming. I guess I'm just use to ebay when you buy something you get a email back right away. I just want to try out all the cool stuff. Thanks, Mark
  2. 2 week ago I purchased all 3 disks for $50.00 and charged to PayPal. It was charged, but I have NEVER received a email from anyone if they got the payment or not, if they shipped it or not. Can anyone tell me to email to get contact someone? I like simcity 4 and I thought theses disks would be cool. Thank Mark