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  1. Toronto VS. New York

    Toronto is definately better than New York, everything revolves around New York, why not Toronto? Why not Canada? Always America (No Offense). It's so cramped in New York, and New York's most famous buildings are stadiums, that's just sad, whilst Toronto has more serious businesses to attend to rather than watching a game of baseball or whatever. Toronto is diversed, it has alot of wide open space, I wouldn't say it's the most multi-cultural city in the world, because Montreal is. If it were Montreal vs. Toronto, I'd go with Montreal, because that's where I live
  2. The Capital of the World!

    IF there was a capital of the world, i would've chosen Montreal, but they don't have it up there, so the capital of the world should be Toronto, because it seems like the world revolves around America, and in every American show/movie that has Canada in it, they always seem to insult it in some way, i.g.: snow all year round? That's low.