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  1. Just Played Beta

    I havent played the beta, but I have been following the discussion so far. I also miss the larger city tiles, but there is an interesting and cool option which I hope gets implemented. They should make it possible for cities to annex land next to the starter tile. For example, when you have completed certain objectives you get the possibility to purchase land for € xx per acre. Where and how much should be your own choice (though some limits might be required). With that option it will not only be possible to enlarge your city, but it will also promote interplay between different players in one region. Every player can expand until there is one huge metropolis, or they can organize it in a way so there will remain open land. This will make it resemble urban planning a lot more imo. I was planning on buying a new pc for this game, but I guess I will wait and see how the game will evolve.