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  1. Mapp Squad New York City

    I got the same problem as the others, and renaming the bitmap pic didn't help. I really don't know what to do here.
  2. World Cities. (Update 28

    OMG, I'm gonna torture you even more with adulation. I have always wanted to recreate New York, but never fully succeded.
  3. I can't find this mod that I installed previous to the deletion of the game. I want that industrial mod where bigger industrial buildings pop up right at the start when you zone that industrial area. If anyone can post a link to where I can find this link I would be grateful.
  4. NetworkAddon download dead

    yeah, and make sure to register at SC4Devotion. And also register to the ekschange. Then, you can download the newest NAM!
  5. Adelaide Australia by blade2k5

    It's a great map1
  6. Nam highway questions

    You must use the TAB key to switch between the ground level freeway and the high freeway.