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  1. [Damned, moving too much between forums, this should have been in English - SORRY] I agree with the suggestion that each question should be a separate post! My main concerns are: 1) ability to play WITHOUT Internet access as a single player (already mentioned) 2) carry over a good and varied traffic network and other mod-enhancements (already metioned too); at least Maxis stated that modding will be possible... 3 and NEW) [related to 2] will Maxis consider to involve some of the best modders in the development of the latest version, either employed or as freelance advisers? After all there's so much talent on this and various other boards, it would be a shame to waste it... Ich schliesse mich dem Vorschlag an, dass jede Frage einen Extra-Post bekommen sollte! Mir sind die wichtigsten Punkte: 1) Einzelspiel OHNE Internet möglich (schon genannt) 2) vernünftiges Verkehrnetz und andere MOD-Ergänzungen (auch schon genannt); zumindest will Maxis modden wieder möglich machen... 3 — NEU und im Zusammenhang mit 2) hat Maxis schon erwogen, einige der besten Modders in der Entwicklung einzubinden, entweder als Mitarbeiter, oder als Berater? Soviel gutes Talent hier im Forum, wäre 'ne Schande das zu ignorieren!
  2. Qustion about train stations

    I'm currently having a different problem, which required placing 3 (THREE!) train stations in one spot: the station closest to the next (industrial) city in the region had constantly 2,500 to 3,500 passengers, the next down the track (about 3 house blocks = 24 tiles away) still had 800-900 passengers; I placed one half way in between, but not many takers, so finally I placed a second one right next to the over-loaded station (other side of cross road), and both were around 2,200 - 2,400... Now with 3 stations one's around 2,000 - 2,200 passengers, one at around 1,400, and the third station just under 1,000 - mind you: there's a highway with entrance ramps only 6 tiles away (been there from day 1), but the train remains popular.
  3. Originally posted by: Namesys It's not really a big deal for me if cars are going in the opposite, but i'd like to see cars going as they should.quote> ...as they should!? That depends on your view of things - doesn't it? Almost half the world is driving the "English way": Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, I think Thailand too, India, half of the African states, Australia, etc. LOL
  4. My Sims won't take highway!

    Originally posted by: un1 Destroy a small section of the road. They will then take the freeway.quote> You can use this trick as well to channel other traffic: I had a smallish city with only road connections (4 of them) to the neighboring industrial city, and somehow only one of them was always "red", despite being the longer way for half the city - so I cut the most used cross connections to this road, and afterwards 3 of the 4 roads were down to yellowish-green, one still completely green... It affected employment only for a brief period. The road use stayed that way even after I re-built some of the bulldozed cross connections. You sometimes have to train your Sims to look for new ways!
  5. Originally posted by: High5flyier I notice you have a lot of dirty industry areas located very close to both residential and commercial. Quary some of these buildings to see if the pollution is not suppressing their development. The convention center is a great booster for commercial but if the air pollution is stifleing the desirability factor then it is being wasted.quote> No, all industry interspersed in the residential areas is clean hightech. The only dirty industry is near the bay, but slowly I'm deleting (bulldozing) high polluters, because clean industry is growing closer to residential areas (= less travel time). And I have checked water pollution, too - no prob since city has too water -what-they're-called-mental-block-cleaning-plants. Originally posted by: frdrcklim Seriously. Buy the Rush Hour. In RH, the Maxis residential lots increased their capacity. It may also help you get a diverse set of new bldgs. Back then, I keep getting the same kind of bldgs because it only showed chicago and ny looking lots. I think they had a patch that fixed that but I forgot. Anyway just buy the expansion. It will make your life easier and it's probably cheaper compared to before .quote> I would very much like to, but I'm currently (and for foreseeable future) in South America, right now stuck with a motor rebuild (on our camper - that's why I have so much spare time to waste) in Bogota in Colombia - no chance to get the right region/language version here... I have even tried one internet download of a trial version, but got rejected for being in "wrong region" - any other suggestions? Cheers!
  6. Originally posted by: Maxis92 From what I can tell, your city is developing just fine. Ya gotta have patience. Usually, you can't get the extremely huge commercial skyscrapres until your population approaches 500,000 and your civic services are good. Your city will have a lot of mid rise buildings (like Wright and Daughter) at a population of 136,000.quote> Not 136,000 - at time of posting it was 289,000 = more than twice... Originally posted by: Maxis92A city with only so many people don't create the demand for tall buildings.quote> I'm not overly keen to get tall buildings as such, but rather want to satisfy the demand, since I get all the time the "Sims Scout for Office Advantages" message. The city is now at around 315,000 (dropped by about 4,000 in recent game months), not many offices have moved in, and slowly I get "unemployed" symbols and black residential buildings because there aren't enough jobs, despite the high demand, and some commercial zonings being empty, even right in the centre of the city next to highrises !?! All commercial demand except Co$$$ is around 4,000, Co$$$ is barely positive, and across several locations (spread around the entire map) I have probably un-occupied room for about 30-40 large commercial buildings, if not 50... Just empty blue parcels of land. (And yes: I even try to put some parks, etc, near-by to make the lots more attractive. My parks budget is twice that of my road maintenance... Grrr. Taxes were around 7.6/7.2/7.2 % for commercial, I just lowered them to around 6.9/6.5/6.6 since I'm making a decent profit and can't expect many more "Rewards", and both my power plants are fairly new = sudden high expenses. Lowering residential taxes by much more doesn't seem to be logical because the commercial demand is there (see above - I would rather think to lower residential taxes to encourage spending = demand.)! I have already placed two landmark buildings to encourage demand (one resulted in McClennan Inc. moving in next door). Would that be the way to go? Originally posted by: Maxis92However, just out of my curiousity, do you mind posting a picture of your city with the buildings?quote> I'm running out of permitted storage space here, and from internet cafes I cannot use my account at PutFile.com to store images, because the uploader requires AxtiveX (which internet cafes are blocking)... But there is a picture with buildings and the traffic pattern in my other post http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=22&threadid=98927&enterthread=y
  7. Introduction: I only own a SimCity4 Standard Version (without Rushhour), so I can't use extensive query tools. I'm going back and forth between 2 different regions, so previous questions (and images) I have posted might relate to a different region. The following questions all relate to the main city in a region of 10 developed tiles, all cities/towns contain all 3 categories: residential, commercial, and industrial (no dirty city as such). This city's size is currently 289,000+ Sims with roughly 136,000 commercial jobs, and 76,000 industrial jobs; it takes up over 90% of available space on the largest region tile (density is not very high yet!). On one hand I get constant news ticker messages "Sims Scout for Office Advantages", yet my city centre with Stock Exchange, City Hall, Main Museum, etc, is largely "under-developed", with far too many small buildings like Small Shops, Boutiques, Wright & Daughter, Fennel Corp., and the ever present Cox Family Court - some of which occupy blocks zoned HIGH DENSITY Commercial... Around my new international air port, which is fairly close to the city centre, the only company of any size is Wong Insurance on a High Density block, all others are taken up by Small Shops, and at least six of the businesses are Bob's Grease Pits, plus a Flea Market and a Drive-In Cinema (all not what I want there)... I also just got a "Research Center" and placed commercial zones around it (some medium, some high density) and re-routed a sub-way to get a stop near by, but the picture is similar to the air port, only with a few more vacant spaces... Other commercial zones look very similar = far too many small buildings. The only really big commercial businesses in my city are McClennan Inc. with around 6,500 employees (where I had to place 2 sub-way stations to handle the crowds - LOL), and Chong Inc. with 4,200. From all I have read so far all zonings above should attract better businesses and satisfy the "Sims Scout for Office Advantages" request - or do I have to put up "road blocks" to change my traffic around commercial zones from green to at least orange? An image showing the current traffic density can be found under my post http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=22&threadid=98927&enterthread=y
  8. Yes, the email address mentioned on this forum returns with an error: 550 No such domain at this location (account@Support.Ea.Com) I'm having similar problem: legal copy registered, but now EA doesn't want to recognise my username (even though I received a confirmation email with it), nor my registered email address (to which they sent the confirmation!) = NO ACCESS TO THE SITE!
  9. The email account@Support.Ea.Com doesn't work - returnes an error: 550 No such domain at this location (account@Support.Ea.Com)
  10. As I found http://kurier.simcityplaza.de and their downloads of various buildings I discovered a reference to "Building Styles" in which some of the downloads are only working... Now - what are Building Styles like Chicago, New York, Houston, Euro, and how are they chosen?