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  1. Originally posted by: Hahayoudied If the landfill is dezoned not in a square or rectangle, that will activate the "never disappearing landfill bug" when the time simulator is running.quote> yeah,it seems what i did activate the bug.if i rezone the landfill to a rectangle,will the bug disappear?
  2. trash on some pieces of landfill refused to go into trash-burning power plant. i check it and im sure the road is connected to the landfill,the expense of trash transport is sufficient. i also find in "garbage statistics" that the amount of current garbage is 0. somebody say if disconnect the road to landfill,the trash will disappear after about 20 years.so i did it as they say,but after 50 years,the dirty just stay and give a negtive effect on land value around there. is there another way to kill the garbage?
  3. Originally posted by: The Arrowz Jobs are a big issue -- even now my region doesn't have enough jobs and the demand for those are always high while residential is always in the negatives lol. Also, try building other cities around too, 'region play' helps a lot because lots of sims decide to commute outside of the city to find work.quote> Finally,i break the limitation of population by building some park and others.teh population reach 100,000,but the Rs(of RCI) are all below the line.some pepl begin to lose job.so here i will ask one question:if i develop some jobs in the city next door, can it help to solve the unemployment problem in this city?
  4. i found that building some bus stops can bring more Sims to the city,but it seems this method has reached its limitation.The population hang around 60,000 and refuse to go up.i have no more room in this city 'cause there is much water in this area,so What else can i do to make more people?