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  1. Show us your city, road-or transit maps! - 2

    Benedict suggested I put my map here. From my city journal, Silent Rise.
  2. The Sky Line

    Thanks everyone!   I believe from this pack: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/14024-swap-simwings-airport-pack-v22/     Will do.
  3. The Sky Line

    Hello! I've finally gotten around to a second entry! I've decided to organize a series of entries around the lines of the Lift, Silent Rise's metro system, and in that vein, this post details Silent Rise's first line: the Sky Line. The Lift map, ever-so-slightly updated (I forgot a station). The Sky Line on a map of the city of Silent Rise, its major districts, and surrounding cities and municipalities. The Sky Line is the oldest of the metro rail Lift Lines, and when it opened long ago, it was called 'The Lift Line' since it ran above streets. It originally ran from Union Down Station -- the national and commuter rail terminus of Silent Rise's modern downtown, Center Down -- through the Meridian district down to Justice Station, where it connected with the Citylink Tramway that encircled historic Mistside. Since that original segment opened, metro rail expanded all over the city and region, and the line was renamed since 'The Lift' came to represent the system as a whole. For awhile it was called the Emerson Line, after the street it ran above for part of its original segment, but eventually it came to be known as the Sky Line due to the fact that it links up both major regional airports -- Cloudloft and Cedar Rise. Cloudloft Airport Cloudloft is the region's largest airport. Situated northwest of the city, it was built 30 years ago and finished a complete renovation and modernization just this year. It is a major hub of Virgin and a focus city of United. It's intermodal transportation center serves the Cloudloft People Mover, mainline rail, commuter rail, and the Sky and Meridian lines of the Lift. Union Down Union Down is one of two major rail termini in Silent Rise, this one serving the modern downtown of Center Down. Many commuter and mainline services terminate here, and the station is served by the Sky and Elder lines, the latter situation belowground. Grand Messenger Grand Messenger is the largest and busiest station of the Lift, connecting seven different lines. It's been rebuilt and renovated several times since the original opening of the Sky Line, and is the destination of countless business commuters in Center Down. Exchange Exchange serves primarily the Financial District, anchored by the golden-spired Silent Rise Stock Exchange. Maple Park Maple Park is an highly gentrified arts-centric neighborhood just south of the Financial District. It contains the Museum of Classic Art and the Victoria Opera House, among other institutions. Justice/Canal Square Justice is the original southern terminus of the Sky Line, and it connects to the Citylink Tramway. It is named in honor of the adjacent Silent Rise Courthouse, a massive, forbidding building. Just to the south is Canal Square, which sits on a turn in the canal that links Mistside and Center Down. Here, the Sky Lines delves belowground to avoid tearing up too much of historic Mistside, and its first subway station is only a single block to the south, offering more direct access to Canal Square. Union Mist Union Mist is the region's original rail terminus, serving Mistside. It now receives far less ridership than Union Down, but still serves as an important rail link in the old city. It also links the Sky Line to the Market and Avery lines. South South Station has an odd location at the southwestern tip of Mistside, where wisdom would suggest not putting a major rail station, but it serves as a highly-trafficked transfer station for riders coming into the city on the commuter lines from the south, transferring them to the Sky, Garden, Loudwater, or Festival lines, or the Citylink Tramway. Admiral Hill Named after the naval officer that first chose to settle the slope, Admiral Hill is a thriving suburb of Silent Rise, its homes on the hill offering amazing views of Loudwater Bay. Its primary station is nestled between Admiral Hill City Hall, just up the first small slope, and the major highways running below. Radio City Once its own metropolis, Radio City was annexed by Silent Rise some fifty years ago. Named after the looming radio tower atop one of its central buildings, Radio City is the region's largest job center outside of Center Down, and the anchor of Cider Valley. Thus, it is heavily served by the Lift, connecting the Sky, Lake, and Avery lines, as well as commuter rail services. Ginger Central Located on the other side of Cider Valley is the city named after the bay it sits upon, Ginger Bay. It was annexed by Silent Rise as well, and is the region's fourth largest job center after Silent Rise, Radio City, and Hourbell. Ginger Central, serving its downtown area, connects the Ginger branches of the Sky and Avery lines. Intercanalis Latin for 'between the canals' (although Intracanalis, 'within the canals,' would today be more accurate as they now form an unbroken circle), the station serves the old estate called Intercanalis that sits above Ginger Bay. It was build in the Middle Ages by a vassal of the king at Maiden Keep, the region's largest castle in Mistfall. Marina City The terminus of the Ginger Branch of the Sky Line, Marina City serves Silent Rise's largest marina, where thousands of the city's wealthiest residents keep their boats. Cedar Rise Airport Cedar Rise is the region's second largest airport after Cloudloft, and its oldest as well. It is served by two major terminals -- the old eastern terminal where the Lift and the commuter lines stop, and the newer western terminal which connects to the Lift via a shuttle in the tunnel under the runway. Well, those are some key stations on the Sky Line. Until next time!
  4. Overview of Silent Rise

    Thanks! The map's Lucerne, slightly modified.
  5. Overview of Silent Rise

    Hello everyone, This is a city I've been working on for just about a year now, and have finally gotten it fully built out to where I want it. My goal was to try to create a very realistic metro area that slowly morphs from city to suburbs to farmland in a mountainous terrain around a basin of a lake about the size of a Great Lake. This is the stitched-together Region View. You can see downtown Silent Rise resting on a bay of Misty Lake, under the shadow of Mount Silent. The area around Misty Lake has a lot of history -- old castles litter the region, relics from the Middle Ages. One of the largest of these, Maiden Keep, had a town, and eventually a city built around it during the Renaissance, much of which is still preserved as the older district of Silent Rise. Eventually it became a manufacturing hub, and then a financial center, spreading over the region, its suburbs consuming the outlying towns. Its citizens primarily travel via an extensive metro system, known as the 'Lift' due to its frequent elevated portions. For other region views, here's the transport view: And the traffic view to get an idea of the layout: I'm working on a google maps-style road map of the region as well (mapmaking's a bit of a hobby). In future updates we'll take a look at the Lift, the region's castles and history, and different neighborhoods and towns. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here's two shots of the older and newer parts of Silent Rise.
  6. Start-up / Region Load error

    I've been pretty good about reading for installation conflicts lately, but I didn't used to, so that may be part of the problem. I'll try the sandbox idea. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone, I've been trying to solve this for over a week to no avail, and haven't been able to find any hint of this problem anywhere else in the forums. Background: running SC4 v1.1 on a 15" Macbook Pro with 2.4GHZ Intel Core i5, 4B ram, and 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). And I do currently have a huge number of plug-ins installed, enough to make the program take around a minute and a half to load each time I boot. (Specifically, 3.09GB. I kind of hoard plug-ins. I know this probably plays a huge role in the problem). I've recently download and installed a ton of Mattb325 plug-ins (28.6MB of them) and encountered a strange issue when booting the program after placing them in my plug-ins folder. Upon opening, the Aspyr and EA Games splash screens are bypassed, and after the Sim City 4 splash screen it will take me straight to a flat, empty region, and no text appears on screen over any of the buttons or in any of the menus. Taking the Mattb325 plug-ins out reverts everything to normal, with the exception that my preferences have been reset (and the default Timbuktu region loads). So when I first installed all of these, I meticulously went through and, by trial-and-error, tried to narrow down the culprit plug-in(s). I constantly loaded only half, and of course, half would load fine with the game and half would produce the error, and so on... but then it got strange, as plug-ins that previously caused no error would cause it, and then, after saying to hell with it and trying to load them all at once again, it inexplicably worked. So I shrugged and contented myself with that for a bit. Unfortunately, when I tried to install more plugins from another source, the error came back, and won't go away unless I take out the Mattb325 folder (tons of the buildings from which I have of course already used - they're pretty great). So now I'm exhausted trying to figure this out and wondering if this has ever been encountered before and if anyone knows what the root cause is and if there may be a fix. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.