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  1. Learning from simcity 4

    They just need to make sure you have the option to reduce game graphics a lot. Companies do not really understand how important that is. If you have the option you play all settings on low as possible for lower end machines, but also be able to adjust them to fantastically realistic, you're increasing your appealing range by a hell of a lot. Imagine being able to play the game on anything from a pentium 3 with a gig ram all the way up to a core 2 with advanced graphics cards and massive amounts of ram. Alot of games don't have much option for turning down the display, so not everybody can play the game cos they can't afford the hardware to run smoothly. Then, on the flip side, companies make there games cheaper and less graphic, meaning the ones that do have the hardware capabilities are left with something there machine is more than capable of playing with ease. Whatever, this thing looks amasing. I hope It will run for me.
  2. Why i cant get huge scyscrapers?

    make sure you are zoned as high-density. Big mistake. i spent alot of time thinking R$$$ and C$$$ was directly related to zone type, which is why i never got scrapers cos i left all my zones on low density. if you're getting vacancys, make sure you know the cause. if its commute, check the traffic data view and use the route query to find out where people are comming and going. try building some one-way roads, that usually helps the commute. remove any toll boths aswell that are between the Industry and the residential vacant buildings. bulldoze any buildings that go black as soon as you get a positive demand. im already starting to get massive skyscrapers in my large-tile city and im only on 90k pop with 35k commercial.
  3. had the same problem with my fire plane. kept flying over the same location. eventually it stopped though
  4. The birth of a city

    tbh i think you should continue. this could have some interesting results ^
  5. NAM smooth curve road mod?

    ahh never mind. i never they had something to do with the puzzle pieces, then i realised that tab changes the style. thanks alot for the help guys. appreciate it ^
  6. NAM smooth curve road mod?

    do you know how to find them then?
  7. Lag, slowdown, etc...

    oh yeah, and i recently checked. my cpu is running at about 80% when playing sim city for, but about 10-12% when im not playing any games. i also noticed half my ram is beeing used as cache for some reason. im not fully sure what it is or does, but i dono if thats normal or not. aside from that, i started MS config a while ago and turned off all my start-ups like msn. my current tray contains my 3 internet icons (i weird internet system), norton anti virus, norton internet secury, network icon that i can seem to remove, audio icon and windows security icon, which i also cant seem to remove...
  8. Lag, slowdown, etc...

    as it is, seeing as i got rush hour about an hour ago, my plugins folder contains the tree assortman mod by cycledog, NAM, nam update, Curve roads Nam update (not working yet) and the whole digging lots, and im about to download the swamp mod. after that, i might get a few here and there but nothing intense, seeing as i've got most of what i wanted for my plan'ed future city.
  9. I got rush hour today, YAY, and, anyway, i installed the NAM, but i also want to install the curved road mod, http://www.simtropolis.com/stex/details.cfm?id=19187 trouble is, i dono how to! i downloaded the update that it requires, and i have the june 2007 version of the NAM, but it doesnt work when i put it in my /plugins/Network addon folder. it says in the instructions to put it in the "euro texture mod" folder, but i cant find that. any help on how to install these?
  10. Was i hit by an earthquake?

    God mode cheat? all i did was create a small slope for some residential. i hit CTL-ALT-DEL and clicked god mode, but its the same as doing it on mayor mode isnt it? thought that was just for the trees.
  11. Radiation?

    Fair enough. Those Europians where waiting for you open arms, but you said no, didnt you? Didnt you! The French men and woman cry arms in arms.
  12. Probably around 100,000. You get any higher than that and your sims will be wondering why there sharing sleeping bags.
  13. Radiation?

    I recommend hitting fast forward and going to the toilet. Just make sure you're constipated first.
  14. My Sim Mode

    I find you can get the most use out of them if you put them in large buildings and then set the building on fire and watch them scream. you can also destroy there homes while there at work. thats a funny one. or move them into vacant buildings and then they have to keep running out as they colapse ^ good fun ^
  15. Turning Building Facings before placing

    or you could turn the rest of the citys buildings around and then swivell the camera so it all looks even ^ lol.