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  1. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Hello, Been a long time since I've had time to get SC4 going again, A lot has changed, unfortunatly the wonderful magapacks I have downloaded have many things I cannot use. I have them backed up for future if needed. Same with textures, many I cannot use. so to cut down on the things I have had to eliminate some of the mega texture packs also. there is so many good things it's mind boggling. but many thing have gone missing over the past few years. New pc old one died may it rest in peace. Here is what I need. I am looking for some props I had a while back and lost. Had some welders, cutting torches, jacks, small industrial props I am looking for. also looking for driveway props and overlay textures. need some small sidewalk props or overlay textures. I have a lot of mega stuff that has some in them but am stuck with to many thing I don't need or want tat makes it hard to locate in the texture folders. I am building a lot of 1x1 lots so I need small walkways and driveways or things I can patch togather to make them. If anyone knows where I can find stuff like these or has something like these pleas let me know or can send them e-mail at BJMutt@hotmail.com. Next I would like to know if there is a way to unpack the mega props so I can cut down on the large unneeded props I am stuck with. thank you so much. BJ Mutt