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  1. The Capital of the World!

    I would definately say New York City, not only because its the worlds finnancial capital, or the largest city in the worlds most powerful country, but because that city stands for alot of things. You can just look at the skyline and think-economic sucess, or power, or authority and most of all integrity. Whether it is it's dynamic architecture, or it's diversity in races. Without New York, the world economy would probablly fall. Due to most of the worlds top business' HQ's are in NYC. It's one of the largest trade posts too. No wonder all the people who live ther are so proud of their city. It's just so well put together and so organized. That city isn't as dangerous as it use to be. Especially since Gulliani was in office and cleaned it up. It only proves that that city will stand strong together through the worst of times and the best.(9/11) So thats my reasoning on why it should be the capital of the world if there were such a thing.
  2. Europeans Beware!

    New York has those protests all the time. But theres really nothing the goverment can do because if one police officer even tries to touch one of the anti-american protesters-muslim or not, thenwe look like a bunch of hypocrites for breaking our own amendments. Oh, and the thing about everybody talking bad about us, who cares! America doesn't. Bush doesn't. Nobody cares. We dont need people just complaining over and over whos at fault as a nation for starting this war. As long as our nations(US, Canada, UK) are fighting for our right for freedom, just support it. Theres nothing you can do about it, no one can change the war but our leaders. Plus imagine where Europe and the US could could haave been today if we haven't gone to war. This discussion would probably been about ''Europeans should've been awared!''
  3. Copper Basin, AZ - Mohave Desert City!

    I know this has been said plenty of times before, but this is probably one of the best if not the best CJ i've seen ever! Everything looks so extraordinaraly realistic - especially the mall areas with the restaraunts and downtown with the night districts. Or just an ordinary high way lined with business or apartments or hotels. Everything fits in so perfectly. Esspecially the airport. 5+ stars! Cant wait for more.
  4. Europeans Beware!

    Originally posted by: dbranch We were bombed. If we leave Iraq, they win. And they'll be able to organize freely. And when a democrat enters office that is exactly what will happen...quote> That is the absolute perfect point, cause more and more everyday, we are slowing their activities down and preventing them from planning more 9/11s on America or Europe. So if a certain someone if he/she won a certain contest, and they decided to pull out of the war, then they are just going to hit us all over again-maybe it wont just be the US this time either.
  5. new skyscrapers

    Well actually, the International Commerce Center in called the NDEX PanPacific Building By DuskTrooper in the STEX or this is a model close to it anyway.