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  1. Signage: US vs.European systems.

    I did want to chime in really badly because of my background. US Highway Routes are not Secondary routes. They were originally part of AASHTO and preceded the US interstate highways by about 40 years. While many US routes were replaced, disappeared or renamed as an interstate (such as I-5 in California) some US routes are actually more important than nearby interstates such as US-101 in California. And for those who think our signs our bad. Thats nothing. Los Angeles uses a multiname system. For example you could be traveling along US 101 and the Ventura Freeway for 40 miles and all of a sudden the Ventura freeway goes one way and US101 becomes the Hollywood freeway.it makes emergency reports bad. Final note about funding. Highway improvement projects are (at least in California) a joint agency effort lead by county, cities and state. For example SLOCOG (county and cities road agency for my area) lists projects that need to be done which are rated on level of importance. If the project is minor (shoulder work, resurfacing) it is handled by SLOCOG. If the project is a multi million new exit. It brings in funding from the state (caltrans). Road funds either come from gasoline taxes, bond sales, or voter approved property taxes. I kinda wished Sim City allowed us all those special taxes or multi city collaboratives to build infrastructure than I won't have to worry about building that regional freeway through my small towns. *source I'm a city councilman
  2. American Politics

    yes it may have been opinionated but why do people always pick opinion columns as sources of information. before liberals were bent for her destruction palins approval ratings was at 80% free speech?! what about Don Imus?? Palin's agenda isnt facist as a matter of fact its quite the opposite. yes she does love her country but a key point of facism is authortarianism and government control which is more of a left wing idea. Facists believe that the economy should be government controlled. palin believes the opposite. one thing that quite intrested me in reading up on facism was indoctrination in the education system. i cant tell you how many times a teacher would spat off about a rightwing person or have thier own personal shrine to a democrat president how is that not indoctrination, as it wasnt even in history class. our infastructure? well heres something the bill the brought the creation of our highways was only 21 pages long but where was clinton in the 90's was he going to fix the infastructure? No he was too busy with Monica. But on the subject of Reagan at the end of carters term we had rampant inflation double digit unemployment and a gas crisis. Reagan brought us economic prosperity and reversed destructive carter policies. thank you i stand corrected on national socialism. I do believe that barney frank and the Feds runaway program is horrible but im afraid it just might be thier way of making america more like Europe. If the dems destroy the dollar then they can implement the Amero dollar which is similar to the Euro
  3. American Politics

    that report reeks of bias and angry liberal! Say you know it is for the best that she does resign after all the way the liberals attacked palin by bringing up false ethics compaints which has run her family in mountainous debt and wasted the alaskan publics time. but also she would have been a lame duck governor which isnt very effective nor good for her. but she does need time out of the spotlight to campaign for her new book(which i hope to buy) On the issue of letterman, so he gets away with verbal abuse where is the womens rights group?? and what would have happened if a right winger would have attacked lettermans wife or nancy pelosi for that matter?? but seriously the election did pass and the left keeps attacking her whats their beef? she lost she's in alaska and wasnt near Iowa for that matter. Probably you lefties are afraid of palin beating obama in 2012. Obama=Carter Palin=Reagan which we all know how that went down election=Liberal superfail
  4. American Politics

    Cartoons and comedy are not good sources of information I still find it interesting that at first Coleman was ahead of Franken after the polls closed, till votes showed up in the trunks of cars and double counting votes and lets not forget the fact of having more votes for Franken in counties then registered voters. You dems stole that election and you know it if you liberals and dems believed in the democratic process how about another election between them we'll see who'll win. Now im from California (i apologise for Pelosi) and Liberals have ruined the state: high fuel prices overregulation of agriculture and industy and lets not forget that were broke no more money in the bank! Now im assuming that you weren't there for the Carter years oh god terrible times. Now i have mixed emotions about the democrats and their 60 vote super majority because im hoping it'll lead to a conservative revolution where Ronald Reagan squashed Carter and Mondale and of course there was the Republican Revolution of 92. A point to make is that Socialism is Facism because both are government control say what was the other name of the Nazi party? the Democrat Socialist party of Germany
  5. Your War, a thought provoking question.

    16 Male United States of America, California Personally i think it will be North Korea for a few reasons 1. A North Korean ship is carrying potential nuclear weapons to an anti american country. this ship is being monitered by The U.S.S. John McCain and there has been talk of boarding the ship, which North Korea has stated that that will be an act of war. 2. North Korea released a statement last month saying the the nuetralitly pact between North and South Korea is void and last week Kim Jong Ill has called for the extermination of the U.S. 3. North Korea is an ally with China. I see it going down like this. The U.S. will board the North Korean ship but it will instead be an empty cargo ship to lure the U.S. into a trap. North Korea will declare war against the U.S. by saying that it is aggressive to North Korea and they will inturn launch standard range missiles toward South Korea and Japan. this will cause the U.S. to invade the Korean penisula and increase military presence over in that region because as we know Japan has no military and the U.S. has to defend Japan. as the U.S. pushes towards and through North Korea China will then get involved because as we leanred from the Korean war China felt threatened by the U.S. and Invaded and pushed the U.S. back. This in turn will cause there to be a declaration of war between the U.S. and China. China will then embargo the U.S. and will demand payment on the debt it bought. this will leave the U.S. without a way to finance the war leaving the U.S. with only one viable means of defeating China and North Korea and that is with ICBM's. this will cause millions of deaths because of china's population. the way for the U.S. though to win is to keep the war going in the asia because as soon as china pushes on the U.S. land the game is over because of china's large infantry which is two million people. Winner: either China or U.S. Civilian Causualties: in the millions Military: pending 5,000 to 1million plus Impact of embargo: Consumer product shortage in U.S. and food Shortage in China Of course a similar situation could accur is instead of the U.S. direactly interviening the U.S. works through Japan as the Japanese love going to war and smashing its neighbors (see Japans history between 1900-1945)
  6. of course that is do to the fact you have market speculators raising the price in hopes making a quick profit. yet i aint too happy with OPEC either. the final thing i dont understand is that we are in an economic downturn and with unemployment where it is why doesnt America build more oil wells and platforms. Id say start with ANWR, i mean whose going to complain besides the tree huggers, the Caribu? the eskimos near ANWR want oil wells built badly so they can go to work. next after ANWR look into Shale oil and offshore drilling and continue with this until hydrogen and other fuel sources are cheaper and viable thats the path i support.
  7. Over Population

    yeah but if you go with that then you have what you have in china families killing off female newborns or rampant abortion rates as families favor male children. now a thing i found intresting was the idea of roof top farms where tennants grow produce which saves up on land space and can reduce the retention of heat in cities. another intresting study is Japan's population. thier population is expected to shrink in half to 50million by 2050 because people are too busy working to have time for a family.
  8. Your political views

    wow most people here are left wingers. I scored to the right of the scale dont i feel out of place.... oh well I did notice that i scored close to Ehud Olmert and that moral politics test says im a Conservative/Neoliberlism which sounds about right for me, but then again im a gun totten American.... Now heres something that intrests me does your political Ideology affect the way you build your city?
  9. If i may make a quick note does anyone know what the crime murder rate is in Isreal? from what i have heard it is compulsary to own a gun and know how to use it. On the forefront heres an intresting tidbit on schools in texas the Gun capital of America http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSN1538661720080815 Now dont you think that would make schools safer if teachers carried guns, I think So.
  10. Now hold on a minuet pepsi. your sources seem to be skewed a bit. first of the data is from Nationmaster is 1998-2000 and well its nine years later and everyone knows that most people thought the world was going to end. second off the data doesnt break it down. the data may cover the entire country but it doesnt factor in the location, I mean of course your going to have a higher homicide/rape/crime rate in a city because there is less of a chance that a law abiding citizen will own a gun while out in the country side every man woman and dog owns a guns.
  11. Washington subway crash kills 6, injures 70

    good lord and im supposed to be in D.C. next week.... heres something intresting albeit a train wreck but it happened right before the Eisienhower Inaugeration at D.C's union station and they built a floor over the wreck to hide it.