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  1. Cayley Island

    jjune, that is correct. Thank you to all of you for your kind and encouraging comments. Today I have been learning Latin vocab and laying out the terrain for my railway lines (I have chosen railway to be the major "people mover" in the region). I have also drawn up plans to use GLR for the Central Business districts; buses (rather predictably) elsewhere; for local transit. My plans for immediate development are to build a city in the coastal city one square to the West of the river mouth (I have a grid of large city tiles), where the boundry between inner city and CBD will lie, and to build a city of low wealth residence on the small island to the SW, to be named Hardy Island. They shall work at the Hardy oil fields and Hardy oil refinery. One further note of possible interest is that all the names for Islands and Cities (Cayley, Hamilton, Harddy) are famous people from a particular field. I shall be mighty impressed by the man who recognises which, without using Professor Google.
  2. Cayley Island

    I have this water mod, hence the darker, more North Atlantic seas. As for terrain mods, before posting this, I had three in my plugins folder, with one being dominant. I cleared that out this morning, so should have the limestone mod on the SC4D site, here: http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=35
  3. Cayley Island

    Foreword: Not only is this my first City Journal, but it is my first attempt at fully developing a region, I have spent time dabbling with one or two cities, making mainly starts alone- stopping at a population of 100,000 each time, so I felt I needed more direction now that I know something of the basics of this game. Thus this City Journal will be a large extent interactive, as I pick up on ideas that you, the reader, have made. I shan't list my add ons at the present time, however when it is relevant I shall make reference to the Mods I use. Thank you very much for reading. Cayley Island: Cayley Island is a small volcanic island on the North Atlantic Ridge, with fossil fuels found on the Island to its West. The Volcanoes, situated to the north of the Island, promise fertile soils, however winds across the island offer a challenge to farmers- they have caused the region to be without trees. The Island, hitherto unnamed will boast two major business districts are planned, a lesser one on the west coast peninsula, to be named Hamilton, the other, the capital, on the West bank of the river mouth, to be named Cayley- the city after which the island is named. Together these will form one large conurbation, their suburban districts barely separated. The growth on the other side of the river will be of a different kind, farmland will develop around small towns, with larger, more industrial towns also housing dirty and manufacturing industry for the army bases- High-Tech industry will be found in the Cities. The northern hills will follow a yet more rural trend, with small market towns connected by a single rail to take produce to the bustling centre, and a lone rural highway providing the opportunity for visits to the city. The rather dense population will all be fed by the farmland on the island, should it be necessary due to a blockade, so modern techniques will be in use to fully harness the potential of the land. The Military bases will be found on the North East Coast, facing fair England its
  4. A Good Idea

    You've linked just to search results pages there, so it doesn't work...
  5. water issue...

    Ctrl + X followed by HowDryIAm removes water demand Are you using water pipes? To start a city you can just build one water pump, then click the water pipes, connect the pipe to the pump, and build pipes to spread coverage. Unlike Power, water is NOT transferred by zones. Pipes supply for 6 tiles in each direction, so one pipe in one direction, and then pipes with gaps of 12 between in the other connects all your water pumps to the whole city.
  6. Just to sy, I am actually defending the current set up, more or less. Sure, it wouldn't ever happen because it isn't designed to explode. The sole cause of Nuclear plants exploding is the heat the produce in a melt down, not like the explosion of a bomb, however if they were realistic then it would ruin the gameplay, and so that is most undesirable.
  7. But that is even worse... and it would just make the region instantly unplayable, and so people would cease to play it.
  8. I shall look at three different plants to discuss this. The first being Chernobyl. Here a steam explosion spread radioactive particles over Europe and the surrounding area, as far as Iceland. Note that the meltdown did not cause a typical explosion, rather the heating effect caused a non-nuclear one. This same sort of explosion was the cause of the Mayak explosion too, when a cooling system in the nuclear waste failed, and so there was another steam explosion, once again spreading radioactive particles. The third plant I shall look at is Sellafield, (Incidentally this plant is being closed down, I know some details of this from one of my parent's profession, they has a serious problem with the insulation, which has become radioactive. They used Asbestos. The plan is to take the Asbestos, deal with the radioactivity and then treat it like normal Asbestos). The problems here are all related to Radiation leaks. England, my homeland, has the worst record after the Soviet Union, and Japan has another terrible record. However, if radiation leaks are what you are after, remember this: Once you have radiation, you are realistically in even more trouble than before, because now you have a century long problem. Realistically everyone but R$ (Or should I say Lira or Rupees?) would leave, and people would be dying absurdly young, so its probably best the way it is.
  9. Nuclear Power Plants

    Originally posted by: SpokaneFlyBoy The cheat should unlock it regardless as I understand it. As for the naming of the cursor, it's aptly named and stems from the same Latin route as course, cursory, and cursive. It's from cursus, the past tense of currere and means "to run".quote> Sorry if I am being a touch pedantic, but cucurri is the true past tense (ie perfect tense), cursus being the perfect passive participle. Most derivations come from the fourth principle part (cursus or cursum depending on who taught you).
  10. road connections

    If you have the mod that puts bus stops on streets and roads, then that does stop the connection to the road for that lot.