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  1. Hi. I am using SC4 Rush Hour from original purchased disks. No updates of code. A few very recent downloads from the old simcity site have produced mixed results. The landmark Capitol Records displays fine in 3-D. It was generated from the file in DOWNLOADS folder. A recent download of Clark_tower landmark shows the jobs, but displays as a flat grey space (no 3D) on the city surface. Similar for a Memorial Hospital download. I've read about using CTRL + and CTRL - to raise and lower height on building, but have no idea what this means. The "flatter" GDV Yacht Club and enhanced Ranger Station display just fine. All of these files were placed in the PLUG-INS folder. So if you can help me with "raising" the buildings to 3-D, please reply. Again, I don't want to build a fantastic city .. just enhance my current city with a few easy-to-use, low risk methods to take advantage of the files others have worked so hard on. Thanks. Lou