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  1. The Dependency Debate

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum. Having only recently discovered how much fun Sim City 4 is I found myself having a desire to get quality usermade content. Google quickly led me here and I'm glad that there's such a huge community still active. A few years ago I co-founded a modding group for SWAT3 known as BBE. It wasn't a very popular game altogether but it had a surprisingly large modding community. One of the key principles in that community was that anyone could use any other mod in their own, whether it based on that mod or just used it in a compilation did not matter. This freedom was only limited in two ways: - One always had to credit the work of others that was included, unless stated that no crediting was required. - One could not use the work of others if they had explicitly stated they did not want their work to be used in other mods. Any limitation would be stated in a readme. There were a couple (2 or 3) major websites that distrubuted the files, which saw to it that these rules were followed, with the help of the community. If there was a legitimate complaint, then the file would be removed and the uploader warned or banned. I've seen the argument here that downloaders should be grateful to get free content that other people invested time in. I really disagree with this. In my experience, it were the modders who were equally grateful: to see that people were enjoying their work. They made mods, uploaded them and were then grateful to see comments about it's quality. Also, i've seen stated here that this dependency method 'saves time and diskspace'. This rather depends. I have a fast internet connection, as do many people nowadays. Therefor, download times as commonly so low that one can hardly use this as an argument. What is an argument though, is the times it takes to find and download every single dependency, that is if you can find them at all due to broken or missing links. In addition, one should not be forced into bookkeeping a modlist merely because someone else has decided that diskspace or any other spec is a factor. Diskspace is often not a factor considering todays HD capacity and people should be given a choice here. For example having 2 versions: a full version or a basic version without the dependencies. Well, that's about it I suppose. Please don't consider me as some new guy trying to attack how everything is organised here, because it's not meant that way. I just think some aspects of it are a bit inconvenient. If I've gotten someone wrong about the way things work here, my bad, I did read large parts of this section. PS: To find the word "free" in a discussion like this one is beyond me., because everyone who modded that I ever knew (and there were a lot) was someone who simply loved the game and enjoyed it (and making content for it) as a hobby, which has nothing to do with monetary gain. But I'm sure this goes for 99% of the modders here as well.