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  1. Hello, I just want to say that I bought/returned Simcity 5 and I didn't enjoy it as I thought I would. Therefore, I want to go back to Simcity 4. Does anyone has any tips or can point me to where I can find the patch files I need to make it work on my desktop? Meaning the essential mods I would need for traffic, etc? I bought the original game online a long time ago, and I am not sure if the serial numbers will still work. Please any advice you have would be greatly appreciate it! Art.
  2. Starting over... Is it worth it?

    Hey TEG, I did something crazy... I ordered Windows XP! It was a great deal from eBay. So I'll be installing it on my iMac once I get it later this week. And I am getting the Deluxe version for PC, for a very reasonable price too. What do you think??:-)
  3. Starting over... Is it worth it?

    Originally posted by: TEG24601 You should be fine, but your problem is that it sounds like you are running the Vanilla version of SC4 Mac (which is rare in this day and age). Aspyr (the Mac Developers/porters of SC4) have issued patches for SC4, Rush Hour, and SC4eluxe, and a universal Binary patch, that seems to be hit-and-miss on its effectiveness. I would suggest either replacing your version of SC4 with SC4eluxe or purchasing the Windows version and running it either through Parallels/Fusion or Boot Camp. Once you do that, you will need some of the patches that are listed in the Mac Omnibus in this forum. You should be able to use all your old files, both regions/cities and buildings. You should then start getting involved with many of the plug-ins here, like NAM, RHW, etc. TEGquote> Hey TEG, thanks! It looks like I do have an old(original) version then. Where do I find these updates you are talking about?... I think I can't afford right now getting a new operating system(windows) for my iMac, plus I would have to buy the WIN version of Simcity too... it will end up costing me a few hundred dollars..... But I do want to give it a try one more time using it on my Mac. Could you please tell me what to get first and where to get it from? I remember reading somewhere that you were not supposed to get some of the updates because that would actually make the game behave differently... I am a little confused on what to get and what not to get. Thanks for the help!!
  4. Hi everyone! Let me start by saying that, this is got to be the most entertaining game on the Mac platform ever!! I used to play this game for hours to end! on my Tibook (a little slow but it worked fine). Then I got an iMac Intel Core duo, it worked fine too, no problems at all. But everything started deteriorating after I got my second Intel iMac (3.06 Ghz Core 2 Duo) I experience sudden crashes, the game would froze for long periods of time, until I had to 'Force to quit' it. I even had problems installing the game to begin with... I've missed this game like crazy! I even daydreamed about it, I know its bad! But I would really like to play again. What should I do? 1.- Do I need any patches, and if so, where can I get them? (I did a quick search on this site, but I could not find them. Can anyone tell me where I can get them? if there are any... 2.- Are there any tricks that you know about how properly install this game so it doesn't fail the installation part? I don't even know if the 'code' still works, the one that came inside the box when I bought the game at the Apple store, a long time ago. 3.- Can you think of anything I could do to make the game work smoothly on my new iMac? Last time I had a city I was the major of a growing population of almost 1M Simcitians. With a surplus, and it was just awesome!!! but again, my new iMac doesn't want to cooperate with me:-( Please help! I really want to play again. It is an obsession. Thanks! oops I forgot one more question: Should I use any of my old files? I have hundreds of buildings that I love and that I would like to transfer to my new game, the only problem is that, who knows what kind of modifications they might have or patches.... any ideas? Thanks Again p.s. please be specific!
  5. I can't install the game on my new iMac

    Thanks again, I downloaded the patch from aspyrs website, but the game is completely stuck! or quits. I wonder if this game isn't compatible with my computer anymore, any ideas?
  6. I can't install the game on my new iMac

    Thanks!! Any idea where to get the patches? I can't seem to find them on the forum, I did a search but they didn't show up...
  7. I can't install the game on my new iMac

    It finally worked! I just try installing it again and it works now! I do have a question still, would I need any patches install on my new computer to work? and I have a TON of buildings, various kinds of vegetation and I was wondering if I could just drag them off my old Plugin folder to my new one?
  8. I can't install the game on my new iMac

    Thanks! I did in fact reinstall SC4 twice and the first time I chose the application folder, but the second time I just did not touch it and it installed it onto the users/AAA/aplications and it did work, but as soon as I try to install Rush H, it gives me the messages. I don't know what to do
  9. Hello, I just got my new computer, an iMac 2.8 Extreme duo, and I can't seem to install the Rush Hour Expansion Pack. It gives the message that it can't find the folder called Simcity 4 anywhere, or another message; media error. I wonder why is giving so much problem! I used to have an iMac two generations before the one I just got and it work just fine. Can anyone help me? Thanks