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  1. Middle Eastern theme

    Thanks for the help everybody :-)
  2. Middle Eastern theme

    Thanks for the quick answer. I'll check it out. I have one more question though. Wouldn't the Maxis buildings be mixed with the middle eastern ones?
  3. Hi guys, I hope I posted this the right place. Apologies if I did not. I recently lost all my plugins, and instead of going through the entire ST exchange (it's a pain downloading everything again and searching for dependencies!), I'd like to build middle eastern city - inspired by two CJ's (Khaledi democratic republic and Jaergh (spell?)). I've been searching for middle eastern building, but I simply can't find many. Is there a special link that will lead me to this hidden treasure? Also, how do I change the terrain to desert? Thanks in advance - Userfree (Guess this is my first post)