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  1. My sims won't drive to work.

    Originally posted by: CaptCity Hmmm... Well, given your recent post, I can only think that the Sims aren't finding the jobs they're looking for (might check the demands) or the simulator just hasn't caught up yet. To be honest, I have run into the 'wandering' no-job zots before with the z-simulator before. That's why I asked about it. In my case, as I continued to develop the city, things appeared to even out and they went away as Sims found work. Though, it did take several sim-years for that to happen. Maybe some one else will come along with other suggetions...quote> I've been running the Z simulator since before I started the map and I have run it for 34 years without any change. One thing I have noticed though, is that querying my offices say that they have current jobs: 90/109. How can they have jobs filled if there is no-one commuting to the buildings?
  2. My sims won't drive to work.

    Originally posted by: CaptCity A few ideas... Are those the right jobs for the population? Type of population vs. type of jobs. quote> Yes. Most of the houses are high-wealth, although many of them have dilapidated to medium-wealth. The commercial areas in the city are primarialy High-wealth and Medium-wealth commercial offices and commercial services between the two eight-lane RHW, and low-wealth services below the freeways (near the Charring Cross station). Basically, there are all three residential wealths and all three comercial wealths. Originally posted by: CaptCity Do your Sims have a path to and from the jobs? And check pathing issues use the Drawpaths cheat.quote> I have checked this by driving an automata vehicle all the way to and from the residential zone and back (pressing shift to ensure that the vehicle sticks to the roads). There is actually about four different routes that can be taken each way. Originally posted by: CaptCity Are you using the 'Z' simulator and not the 'ZP'? The 'P' version requires parking areas at destinations.quote> I am using the Z simulator not the ZP Simulator, some sims (about 220) drive to the industrial zone that can be seen in the first image. Originally posted by: CaptCity Are the No-job zots always present or do they come and go? The simulator does take some time to 'equalize'.quote> There are always some no-job sots present, but they do come and go. Sometimes nearly every house will have no-job zots, but at other times it will only be a few. Mind you, the only reason that the zots disappear is because the building are abandoned due to commute time. Originally posted by: CaptCity Also, since you're using avenues, have you placed cross-streets across the medians so Sims can get to the other sides for return trips?quote> Yes, lot's of cross-streets, intersections and roundabouts. Originally posted by: CaptCity Edit: Just noticed in your close up images that you seem to be using one side of the 4-lane RHW rather than the 2-lane. Was this by design and the other side is out of the picture or were you attempting to make 2-lane RHW? That might explain why there's no path to the jobs.quote> Yes this was design as such. The following immage illustrates the return path: Please read my comment in your first reply, and don't post images larger than the site allows. tungston As you can see the left and right sides of the RHW-4 split as they enter the city. A large portion of the city actually lies between the two RHW-8 lanes.
  3. So I have a bit of a problem with my sims being unemployed. There are loads of offices and commercial services in my city district, but they have no workers. And most of the resisdents in my residential district all say they are unemployed. I have a masive freeway conecting the two (RHW) as well and some secondary avenues, but they still don't seem to drive to work. I am using the Z Medium simulator. Edit: I forgot to mention I use the Radical Automata Controller file. I don't know if that is relevant. As far as I'm aware, the commute time is base on how long it takes to get to work, and in this case it should be pretty short. As you can see, one of the freeway exits is located right at the begining of the city district. There are other exits further into the city, aswell as numerous return paths, so I can't see why the sims aren't driving to work. On a side note, can anyone suggest how I can clean up the areas around the edges of the roads? It would be nice if the grass wasn't so obvious, but I how do this, particularly around the curved portions of the RHW? I am using the italia terrain mod and the jagged edges fix. Also, I know that my city looks a bit weird with although elevated/embanked highways, but onfortuneatly due to the location of my city (a river delta, look at the mini-map) I ran into a few problems. The biggest was that I could only reduce elevation by 8m before I hit water (the terrain height is only just above seawater), furthermore going from sunken highways to ferry-passable bridges is very difficult (I actually need a further 7m elevation to create the bridges, meaning that my bridge entrance is 22m above ground level, or ~30m above sea-level.). What ever happened to the raising-bridges from SC2000? Please consult the site rules for image size limit. tungston
  4. Cheers, it's working now. I renamed the file, not the folder (I could've sworn it said to rename the terrain mod file). Anyway it's all good.
  5. I tried Ennedi's mod, and yes I did read the read me, but I can't seem to get it to work. I use the Italia Terrain mod, and I noticed in the comments that other people who use the Italia Terrain mod have had difficulty getting it to work. Can someone confirm that it does function with the Italia Terrain mod, or provide a link to a similar terrain mod . Cheers,
  6. I've been having a bit of trouble creating smooth diagonal walls using the whole digging lots. The problem becomes readily apparent when you start adding the sunken highway walls (left of the picture): As you can see, there is a zig-zag effect and the fences don't fallow the grass line. By comparison this is how it should look like (top of the picture): I can't figure out why it's smooth sometimes but other times it's bumpy. Can someone please explain how to lay the tiles so that this effect does not occur.
  7. As some one who is new to the community, one of the things that I have been finding difficult is trying to work out what everything means. Many of the descriptions often involve the use of numerous abbreviations, which makes it difficult to understand. Additionally many of the things that would generally be considered common knowledge, aren't necessarily easy for the uninitiated to understand. So a few things that I am still unsure of: What is CSX? As far as I can determine it involves some sort of tracking system, and there are a lot of CSX farms.... I don't know really. Maxis PIMs? BSC? A batting group that for some reason only upload to SC4Devotion.... NDEX Actually there are so many that I can't even think of most of them, perhaps you could list some that I've forgotten. Additionally there were a few things that I guess could be considered a major addition to the game and initially some of these were a bit difficult to find and I'm still not entirely sure what they do (well I know what they basically do, but I'm sure it is a lot more complex than what I think). I imagine there are already complex explanations, but Google really hasn't been as useful as you would think - so a link would be appreciated. CAM NAM This also brings up the problem that a number of links don't work, so finding out this information can be quit complicated. I know I haven't really explained this very well, but I hope you get the drift. Coincidently, I did just find the glossary: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=110&threadid=77311&enterthread=y but there are still some things that it leaves unanswered.
  8. Elevated Rail over Road problems

    @ Tropod: I use the right hand version of the game. It appears that I may have fixed the problem (although I'm still not entirely sure how....) And in regards to BAT, one of the mods have some links here http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=22&threadid=91793&enterthread=y
  9. I managed to pickup a really good elevated-rail-over-road station here however it appears to be partially broken, basically the elevated rail section doesn't work. I created a test city in which the only connection between the Residential and commercial districts was via elevated rail, using the above stations. It didn't work. I then connected a very long windy road, it the bus and cars could get between zones, but no El-rail. I then replaced the station with the normal El-Rail station and they all used El-rail. I followed the instructions in the read with running the three road tiles through the station, and buses and other cars can drive through the station, just not El Rail. Is there a way that I can fix this, or does anyone know of a functional el-rail-over-road station? If the fix involves the use of the BAT, can you provide a link to the download the BAT, other than the Maxis website. After 5 years and moving house 5 times, I have long since lost my SimCity CD case along with the serial.