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  1. Some new people (Like myself), have been having problems finding what I would call (The 'Must have') downloads, if you were to begin all over from scratch, what are the downloads you know you need? For us who are *****s and cannot find them, can you please place the download and the link to download it? Im sure this would be helpful to us new people who recently started and are not up-to-date with must have downloads lol.
  2. Krumlov

    .... .................. .............................. ...................... "Cries" This......... this is the most................ BEAUTIFUL peace of work I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! It is simply amazing!! I like others EVNY your plop folder... I wish I had everything... Its simply beautiful and powerful work. I admire it so much I would pay 10000000000 dollars for it to be mine!!! ... Awsome work man awsome work.  I got no words to describe how i feel about it.
  3. Usea Continent

    This is my first CJ, but instead of actually making it one big city, i decided to be a little more into the small towns and make it a whole Continent with States in it. Ill start tommorow in the morning.
  4. What Building Style Do You use

    ok... so wait... chicago has chicago looking buildings? houston has houston buildings? new york has new yorkish? and Euro is like European buildings?
  5. Load Sim City Faster!

    have yall ever bothered to just open windows media player or itunes in the back, play it, and delete that file? and listen your music as you play?
  6. Plugin mania

    Yo, why cant they just gather ALL the textures and props, put them in one folder, name it the massive texture and prop folder containing the latest texture and prop, and download it, and as the new ones come out, they tell you wich ones to delete. Itll help alot of people, and itll save people time from having to organise it. They open the folder, serch for the texture or prop told to delete, and tada. Ones deleted, download the new ones, and yall good. That would save people from the dependencies. Now for the other downloads, make a folder with the type of building you downloading, under that folder, the name of the artist, and under that folder, his download, because there isnt no way to get that fixed, unless they took the time to bundle all their buldings and stuff into another folder, and allow you to choose wich buildings you wanted before you install it. Kinda like the NAM when it allows you to choose. Its complicated to explain, and very long... so i would rather let you be creative and figure it out lol, but hopefully yall know what i mean.