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  1. Help Screenshot

    Thanks for your help

    i am not sure how much load in my plungin but what i no is that my computer is more than good enough
  3. Help Screenshot

    hi is me again i want make a CJ but i do not know how to take a screenshot
  4. SCS Fansite Collector

    Hello everybody I am collecting SCS fansite pls post any SCS fansite that u no here or disgustion for new SCS Fansite and info
  5. SC4 v/s SCS City Journals

    I agree SCS city journal and SC4 should be saparated however i love SCS very much and love to encourage people to post topic about SCS or city journal
  6. Why SCS is so easy: Quantitative analysis

    When the first time i ply SCS i think i was somekind Sim Town expansion pack ,after awhile i stated to love this game, thought ther is no tax or some financial stuff u usualy do in SC4 so i hope that maybe some one could make a mod for tax and etc

    ok i m runing on pentium 4 ,760ram ,nvidia 256 video ram fx Geforce 5200 and i rad the update it didt mention my problem being fix or anything similar
  8. without any details

    Did u see any detail? Was it normal the day before? Did your computer crash? Or did u delete any files? Proper punctuation and white space inserted. Please do not post in text talk. N_O_Body
  9. Can someone pls help me when i play sim city 4 it was fine but when i play rush hour the game will start with the graphic.sgr or something like that problem but i was able to solve but than when the game starts i cant click all those feature for the rush hour like evenue ,one way stareet and etc. and my u drive it panel wont move but i was able to scroll around some1 if u hlp i shall u the king of the world A TRLIAN THANKS