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  1. XBOX 360, PS3 or Wii?

    Dragonsblade79: The 360 ain't backwards compatible. quote> It is. You can play most original Xbox games on a 360 w/HDD. There is software on the HDD that makes it so the 360 can play the old Xbox games. Do your research.
  2. XBOX 360, PS3 or Wii?

    Dragonsblade79: The old PS3's are backwards compatible (I have the 976th PS3 EVER MADE!!!!!) The PS3 now has the biggest hardrive to, they're comin out with a 160GB one. The PS3 has better media too, now I know a lot of you are going to disagree with me already, but hear me out. It has BLUE- TOOTH which means you can upload movies and games onto it before they even come out in theaters. I have the new Harry Potter movie And the Dark Knight on mine (among others).quote> I know the old PS3s are backwards compatible, but none of the new ones are. They took out the Emotion engines to help make them cheaper. The Wii and 360 are still backwards compatible, even the newly produced models, unlike PS3. Plus, HDD space isn't that much of a factor to me, unless we're talking PCs. Wii uses bluetooth technology as well. Bluetooth is wireless technology that makes things like wireless headsets on cellphones possible. You can upload movies to a 360 as well. I'm not saying PS3 is a bad machine, but its biggest advantage so far is the Blu-Ray technology, and that frankly is what makes the thing so blasted expensive. There's too much on the negative side for PS3 to make it a sound purchase for me. Plus, those movies and films you're probably getting are probably illeagal.
  3. XBOX 360, PS3 or Wii?

    I got the Wii first. I fell in love with it then and still love it now, even though I bought a 360 about a month ago. I only bought the 360 because I've been wanting to play Mass Effect and GTA4 (which I'll have to wait to get this Christmas). I've played PS3, my best bud's younger brother got one a while ago. So far, though, MGS4 is still the only reason for me to get one. I'm not hating the PS3, but I'm not loving it all that much, either. So far the better games, that have been released this generation, have come out on 360. PS3 shares many of those titles, but end up weaker than the 360 versions, which doesn't make much sense when PS3 boasts the better technology. There have been more games out on 360 that I care about and want to play than on PS3, and that's also why I bought one over PS3. I hate that Sony and Microsoft still force you to shell out a ton of money to get the most out of their consoles' experience. I bought the $200 360, and I'm a bit upset that I should've payed the extra $50 to get the standard system w/HDD. Now I have to save up for one, which sucks. I'm glad to have a 360, but I would've packed the 20GB HDDs in the low-end console packages since you get a 60GB with the standard package and 120GB with the high-end one. At least Sony still gives you a HDD with their cheaper console, but it's stripped down as well. Plus, PS3s aren't backwards compatible anymore. That would've helped me choose it over 360. Now I still have to hold onto my PS2, either way. The Wii has one price and comes with most of its features right out of the box. You don't have to pay extra cash for something that could've been saved for another console package even though you might need it to fully experience the Wii. I'm proud to say the Wii is the best for your money, and it's the most fun. The gaming variety is pretty good, though it could still improve. I'm a hardcore gamer and love the Wii, though I still wish the hardcore choices would improve in number, but I think they will eventually. However, since most console buyers are hardcore gamers, then I think they'll pass on the Wii, despite the fact that it has gone in the better direction. I think hardcore gamers'll wind up mostly deciding between the Xbox 360 or the PS3. The 360 is easier on one's wallet, but the PS3 is worth a look; if you can afford the 360 Elite, then you can afford a PS3, that's when the choice becomes that much more difficult. I still think I would've bought the 360 Elite (the package i really wanted to buy but couldn't save up enough for) over PS3 based on the bigger game choices.
  4. Is there a huge CS$ plop out there?

    Most service buildings are stores, restaurants, gas stations, theaters, etc.Unfortunately, most of these types of places don't require highrises. The only service that could use them are hotels, since they employ the entire building. Lawyers would occupy an existing office building or a firm would buy their own building or build one for their lawyers to use, but they would still rent out the rest of the space to others requiring office space. Professional buildings, which house private practices for doctors and dentists, could be considered office and service spaces simultaneously. The problem is there's no way to tell the game that such a thing can exist. Sad thing is that many CS$ are small buildings. so you'd have to litter your city with them in order to fill the demand. I don't mind it as there are a lot of small buildings in cities, even among the highrises. If there were a way to control what grows on zoning tiles that would make it easier, especially when one, like me, is trying to build a shopping district, which would help soak up the CS$ and CS$$ demand.
  5. The Northeast Passage- Updated

    I've been working on a lot lateley, including my cities. I hope to have this CJ back up to speed soon. I hope that this teaser will help to keep your interest as well as give you an idea on the city that I have been working on for over a year and counting, so far. Note, this is only part of the city, and it isn't even finished yet, but I'm getting close. Click the pic for a larger version.
  6. The Northeast Passage- Updated

    Sorry that it's taking so long for updates. I've had to restart sections of the city I want to show next due to consistent Crash to Desktop errors. Plus, I'm trying to get myphotos together, and with the vast number of buildings that must be rendered and the sheer size of some sections, it takes longer , for I want to photograph in the best resolution I can. I'll update as quickly as I can. Thanks.
  7. City of Hypertrophy [AIN]

    Excellent work! I only hope that any mega cty I make can compare to this one. You're an inspiration, Anarchy! I look forward to more goodness from you.
  8. Emerald Falls created by jacqulina

    If only I had a bit of your talent. Wonderous, absolutely fantastic. Tehy should make movies in backgrounds like those.
  9. The Northeast Passage- Updated

    Welcome to Xavier County. This is the largest county in all Rothanya. Known to many as the "urban county", Xavier County 's boundaries contain the bulk of the city of Casadora. Unlike my previous towns, Casadora is huge. It takes up multiple tiles on the region map, three of which are the large tiles! Casadora is still a work in progress, but you will get to se what I have so far, as well as see it grow and develop before your eyes. Be patient with me, because I have to take lots of pics and arrange the presentation so you can see it all.Updates are coming so watch out!!
  10. Show us your airport!

    I've started my airport project, well restarted, anyway. I never was happy with the terminal option nor could I geta configuration that was interesting to look at, as well as functional. Here's what I have so far. There's supposed to be one giant teminal with several concourses attached. I'm considering more terminals, but I'm still figuring out how to place the ramp, apron, taxiways and runways. I have a runway plan, but I should finish the terminal first. Here's a shot of what I have as of now. Comments and help would be appreciated. I've going to have a chronicle of the airport's development until completion as part of my CJ, The Northeast Passage. I invite you to stop by and check it out and watch the airport grow.
  11. The Northeast Passage- Updated

    Well, the poll to vote on 790 is finally up and on the CJ's first page. Please vote away! I could just make up a result, but that'd be no fun for me and it let's you all get involved in the CJ story that I want to tell. I have that going on and I'm working on the big city, the one I can't wait to show you and the one I'm sure yu can't wait to see. Again, it's still a work in progress. The small country towns that I showed you all I did in a matter of a couple of weeks. Casadora's been a project I've been building for a few years! After countless restarts, for one reason of another, and all of the time it took me to hand terraform a region that I was happy with (I terraformed the whole area before I built a single building, I should've terraformed a section at a time and build soon after), I started to build. I actually built Updike first and then started with Casadora and built the other towns around it while I planned the big city. One of the problems I'm having is proceeding with the construction of the big airport . I'll post this on the airpot dedicated forum as well, but I igured that I could keep the CJ going while getting some help and advice from my loyal followerers first. Since I'll be chronicling Casadora's continued growth for the next load of updates, and since the city and her airport are all a work in progress, then I figrued the airport and its surroundings would be a good start. That's what I have thus far. The terminal and concourses are stil under construction. I do have most of the short-term parking and a few nearby hotels built, though I might move the tall towered hotel further away from the airport grounds. I still have to put in taxiways and runways, but I have an idea on how I want the runways. What do you think so far? I'll keep you all up-to-date on the progress. Enjoy and stay tuned.
  12. Return to Paradise Falls created by jacqulina

    Man I was looking forward to seeing more. I will be looking forward to seeing your next creation with great interest! Emeral Falls sounds great. Hopefully it will be just as breathtaking as Paradise Falls was. Sculp on, Terrforming Queen! I make you an honorary member of the Rothanya Regional Council.
  13. The Northeast Passage- Updated

    Sure it's OK. I can't really move the stroy of the CJ forward without the outcome to this. I guess that I shouldn't have put up a time limit. I only did in because I figured that I'd work on more updates after that, and I figured the Simtropolis population would want to interact with the CJ. I'll put up the reading material for the vote in as soon as I can. Thanks Trainmaster423 for your choice. I feel so dumb. I noticed the "Add Poll" button in the reply box. So I will put the Prop 790 vote on there. Hopefully it will show up. Trainmaster423, you can post your vote on that if you wish, but I have your vote tallied either way.
  14. The Northeast Passage- Updated

    Well, the interactive portion of my Cj hasn't gone as well as I'd hoped. I won't give up, though. I didn't put in the different sideof the argument because I've been working on my next updates, which means getting my largest city ready for veiwing. I've been having some problems, but I am working on them. Plus, my pet project, the airport, hasn't been going as quickly as I had hoped, but maybe you all can help if I post photos of what I have so far. We'll see. Stay tuned!
  15. Show us your airport!

    These are excellent! I've decided to go back and try to build my airport, because it's been holding my largest city back, hence holding back my CJ. I'm still not sure how to do my runways, but looking at these awesome examples and further research of airports will hopefully help me out. Keep up the incredible work! Hopefully my airport and subsequent others will be as eye-popping.