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  1. What's a big deal

    tell me. all those great cities photos which are put here are made by cheats or earning money?? if u don't use cheats tell me how u start ur game. what do u put first
  2. What's a big deal

    ok. i solve it out. It turned out that I must build many factories more than houses to earn money! iv got still a little minus about 300$ but I played very fast becouse of no time. Today I'll try it. But one question. Why buildings become BLACK. Many factories are empy and BLACK. What's wrong??
  3. What's a big deal

    so i must wait:} well... For ex. i make 4 squares of houses and 2 squares of shops and some squares of factories. I earn 400$ and my spendings are 900 so i have to wait for profit aye??or what then...
  4. What's a big deal

    Yeah, u were right but i still got this problem. Still can't earn money. Minimum spendings 800$ and my max profit 440 i'll show u my city maybe u'll catch some problems Evidence:
  5. What's a big deal

    Sorry for my 1 post without details . Look. My taxes are about 8-9%. First. I built 4 squares one next to other and there i place houses next to it i place shops and far away from it farms. I built the cheapest police station, fire station and hospital also the cheapest. My spendigs about 900 - 1000. I don't know how to earn money and the biggest problem is that my shops everything on BLUE shops and offices and other stuff like that do not grow. There are a few of them. What do you think about it ?? btw thanks for help
  6. Iv got a problem. Huge problem. Iv been playing sim city 3 till TODAY and now. I started playing sc4. Iv read many articles about sc4 and between 3 and 4 is a huge difference. Iv read many tutorials about it but no results. Maybe sb here would help me. Here's my problem I build many houses, factories i enable gambling but I only get about let say....400-500 $ or sth. My spendings are about 900-1000 and I don't know what to do. I'm frustrated. I got stuck. Plz help me what to do...