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  1. Schulmania

    Aieee! I stay away for a 1½ week, because something mundane, like work, was occuping my time, look what he has done!!! A really good looking space-cat.! [...poking oneself with a sharp, pointed and hot object...]
  2. Schulmania

    20 Schulmonetas for technological innovation, nice... Maybe I'll invest them to New Atkinos later... BTW, have you ever seen a place called Santorini?
  3. Schulmania

    "1st, so why try harder" --Fatboy Slim Maybe I should start to write on to the other CJ's I'm following... New Atkinos seems quite fruitful... Maybe in future it's citizens will enjoy the free and non-polluting geothermal energy... The cats will probably appreciate warm radiators... Maybe they will build public cat-warmers. All it needs is a nice hot spring, couple of meters coiled copper pipe , a large flat stone above it and, Presto!! Extra benefit would be running hot water for Schulminions...
  4. Schulmania

    Nice... The whole place seems to reek of volcanism... Any reports of hot springs, etc. yet? I wouldn't like to be anywhere near Devonshire if that thing in New Atkinos burbs... A fresh cone in an old caldera... Reminds me of Krakatau...
  5. Schulmania

    to "abcvs" Yikes!! THAT was ghastly!! Few more messages to go until 200...
  6. Schulmania

    **Gasp!!!*** [Anxiously waiting for big update] I must apologize for not using the fine 200-logo... I'm using a different computer during my vacation, and it lacks some needed programs.
  7. Schulmania

    What! The year is almost at the end and we have not yet reached page 200, what's the matter with you people?? Poor Admiral... Hopefully She didn't swallow any bones. Those birdbones can be deadly... I wonder did a certain tiger-striped orange male visit Schulmania once, that kind of appetite could be genetic... One remembers that this certain male was once on a diet., and in weight-in he started to think whatever he would eat after the diet would be over... And gained instatinious 2 pounds... Happy New Year to everybody, and don't play with explosives!!
  8. Schulmania

    "Go for the Jugular!!" -Timon in "Lionking"... Nice to see Her in action... And here is descripting the action...
  9. Schulmania

    For some reason I can't rid my mind of the following event: --Her Greatness and cohorts are stalking "something" in the bush, attacking, without realizing what it is... And the the expressions of the four cats hanging for their dear nine lifes in the back of startled and VERY irritated giraff... -- BTW, what are the schulmanian names for these beasts? The story seems to leap to giraffs and elephants at that point...
  10. Schulmania

    Oooh. Congratulations to the Admiral! I just hope nobody sends her any catnip... That would be like a sending a bottle of whiskey to a recovering alcoholic...
  11. Schulmania

    I too like to add my concrats for Schulmanator of two Trixies and two runner-ups. BWT, I think there was already a criminal act commited in Schulmania, didn't one of the admirals embezzel some money to finance his/hers Catnip-problem...
  12. Schulmania

    Very nice, finally some picture to show overall views... Still waiting to see even larger ones... And I though dogs where a core element of Schulmania's Police Force. oh well...
  13. Schulmania

    A Star? That is doing very bad things to my already over bloated self esteem... Apparently nobody is not worried about class ceiling in Schulmania. With so much scenery, green stuff and glass, I'm worried about the birds, though... Maybe Her Greatness will establish a bird-clinic near the Administrative building. Then again, She is a cat...
  14. Schulmania

    A very nice and entertaining piece of work. No wonder why you won the 2006 Trixie. Having enjoyed reading the stories of industrious Schulminions and their feline masters from time and again since spring 2007, it's finally time to lost the dread "lurker" -status. Anxiously waiting the BIG celebration for page 200...