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  1. Tab out from game for Mac

    what's the error? is there a specific message?
  2. Tab out from game for Mac

    fortunately the region itself wasn't damaged so I had enough demand to shove the roads and zones in the same places and just let it all grow the same again. but was still a bit of a pain. hope you managed to get the game windowed.
  3. Tab out from game for Mac

    Not when it's full screen, no. But if you open it in a window you can treat it like any other window and tab in/out of it at as much as you like. You have options for the size of the window, so you don't necessarily have to lose any resolution. try not to do it when you're saving a city, though, as I had a problem with cities being obliterated when I popped back to my browser while saving and exiting to region. Very upsetting for all involved.
  4. Tab out from game for Mac

    Hold down option when you start the game - you get a preferences screen where you can choose to play in a window. Multitasking is possible! Moving to the MAC forum. N_O_Body.
  5. How would you start your new city?

    Good topic! I just started a new region today, actually. I spotted a perfect little grid-based town on google earth, and recreated it (Fairview, UT, if you're interested). I re-created that vaguely to scale (looks like a 4x4 grid, which makes it fit perfectly in a small city tile). I'm going to follow the satellite pic for other nearby towns until I get bored and decide that actually, I want there to be a beach somewhere. I'm thinking maybe I could have a ridge of mountains to the east of my line of cities that slopes down to the sea... maybe I can have a huge city down there too... hmmm.... City-wise, I only normally build small, self-contained towns (can't cope with anything bigger). One road north-south. One road east-west. Streets in the central area in grid pattern. Slap down power station somewhere near edge with a rough patch of industrial. Pepper the outer perimeter of the city with small industrial zones, with a few in the centre just for variety. Bit of commercial around where the main roads cross. Residential neatly in the grid. Agriculture round the edge. Then where the streets come out of the grid I'll stick in little estates, roads going off at crazy angles, different sized lots etc. intruding onto the agriculture to make it less regimented.
  6. Clinics and small schools

    I find that in low density cities and tiny villages, the hospital building itself is far too large and spoils the skyline. Amongst medium and high density stuff it's fair game, but anywhere else you're treading the line between function and realism. Low-density stuff tends to turn over a large profit in the end and so it's easier to justify there, as well. I also think of it like local surgeries offer one-to-one personalised care. Hospitals offer factory line fixing. You pay more for the extra attention. (Plus if you have no hospitals you don't get that darn helicopter buzzing around all the flaming time. Drives me mad, so it does.)
  7. How do you feel about the SCS announcement?

    sc4 was the first computer game i bought since super mario land for the gameboy. i have not yet discovered brand loyalty!
  8. How do you feel about the SCS announcement?

    my knee-jerk reaction is annoyance, as it appears tilted mill can't be bothered to make mac versions of their most recent games, so the chance of this getting one is slim. however, it quickly occurs to me that if there ever is a sc5/societies for mac, it'll take long enough to come out so as all you pc users can tell us if it's worth buying.