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  1. game randomly crashes

    Problem still persists. And it's not just limited to zooming out, it happened this time when I was zooming in. This was with the game set to software rendering mode. Of course, this is still with using the mouse wheel to zoom. It may take a while for me to break that habit to truly determine if that's the cause. At least this time I saved before I zoomed.
  2. game randomly crashes

    Intel Core2 Duo E4500 2.2Ghz , 2 gigs RAM, HIS Radeon X1650 Pro IceQ II 512MB vid card, windows XP home version. I noticed in another thread someone complaining about the same issue and he was told not to zoom using the mouse wheel. This is something I do as well. But it doesn't crash everytime I use the mouse wheel, just occasionally.
  3. The title says it all. My game keeps randomly crashing and it doesn't seem to really have a pattern to it. It's not linked to any specific plugin...at least, all of my plugins are useable and do not cause any crashes. It seems to be limited to when I try to zoom out, perhaps too quickly? I zoom using the mouse wheel so it's entirely possible that I try to zoom out 2 levels rather quickly, but I've done this many times with only the occasional crash. The only thing common in all of these is everytime it crashes has been when I've been working on a seaport. But it doesn't matter whether I'm putting in lots or terraforming. Just occasionally, when I zoom out, it'll crash. It does appear the crashes are more frequent too. Any ideas? I'm not sure I like the idea of saving before I ever zoom out. That'll get tedious.
  4. Originally posted by: PGWrules@aol.com it is even true that the highways make people fat because you dont have to exersise to get to places anymore. look at people in New York City, there are very few people who are obese and live in New York because its impossible to drive their and it is hundreds of times fater to take the highways. i cannot drive yet, and my childhood was dismal, it was spent alone and friendless because route 35 is to dangerous to cross. and the space that they take is atrocious.if you truly think that highways are better than building a new commuter rail or subway system, think again quote> Explain to me how having the interstate highway makes people fat. Right now I drive about 60 miles round trip to work. So if I walked that entire trip I wouldn't get fat? Good to know. Of course I'd also spend 10 hours walking. While it's true that the urban sprawl may have a hand in the obesity epidemic, I don't think you can really blame the interstate for any of it. The interstate is usually used for traveling some pretty substantial distances. Not many people take the interstate just to go down the local gas station, or to pickup groceries. You also cite New York City as an example of how less driving gets rid of obesity. I find it hard to beleive there is no obesity in new york, but having never been there i can't say for certain. But what about Chicago? There are plenty of obese people in Chicago, and the traffic/walking situation is exactly the same. And how exactly does replacing highways with commuter rail/mass transit solve obesity problems? Do people magically lose weight by riding the El? Sure there is some amount of walking involve to get to and from your destination, but that amount of walking is going to help much when said commuter eats the usual 5 donuts for breakfast. Personally, I like the interstate highway system. If I had to take all local roads to work, it'd take way longer than it already does (which is already way too long since the Illinois tollways are a mess). If you truly think a new commuter rail or subway system will stop obesity, not decrease property values, and still allow you to get to work in a decent time, think again.