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  1. Map Squad Saint Petersburg

    [quote name='StanislavSoltys' timestamp='1272581853'] oh, and btw, spasibo ochen silno, eto ochen crasiva! (thank you very much, it's very pretty) [/quote] In Russia we're saying "bol'shoe spasibo" (big thanks)
  2. Map Squad Saint Petersburg

    wow, finally I can build city in which I'm living! Thank you!
  3. NAM: Requests

    I'm sorry if it has already been suggested, but I tried to use search and didn't find this, so... Is it possible to make double decker monorail, just like double decker elevated rail? I can use double height monorail, but I have to place ramps whose need a lot of space, and there are no stations for monorail right on road, like for e-rail Thank you in advance, sorry if I wrote in wrong topic - I'm newbie on this forum