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  1. Port Noir

    Time for a rather large update! The West Transfer Station. This is the largest and the most important station in the whole mass transit system. This is where you transfer from trains to the city's tram network, the station also serves as a airport tram. Right next to the station new huge office complex have been built to finally satisfy the demand for CO$$. The surrounding streets have suddenly turned into the city's most busy ones. Some new highrises built just next to the station. The area around the station is filled with rich people commuting to and from the airport to that overpayed job that consist of mostly meetings in some international hotel watching powerpoint presentations. On the other side of the street some more affordable housing have been built. Complete with their own pond and the univerity just on the other side of the street. Well wnough of that let's follow the tram from the West Station to the East Station to get the idea of the layout. Just leaving the West Transfer Station. Almost right away we find ourselfs amidst highrises. Oh is that a starbucks I see over there? A little further down we pass the City Hall... Little Paris and the new Stadium. Here's the East Tranfer Station. Not quite as large but it serves the city well. This is where most of the workers going to the industrial area take the train to work. Now for something completely different... Port Noir is growing like crazy and people need someplace to live. Not wanting to keep building more tall highrises the Hill Development Project was launched. It was decided that the area on the hill above scandinavian rowns was the best place to expand the city. A new highway interchange had to be constructed aswell as a tunnel leading up on the hill. The people of Port Noir love their tunnels. Aaah untouched land. Smell that fresh air, hear the birds chirp look at the beautiful trees... Now get yer chainsaw and chop em' down! we are gonna build here! A tunnel leading up to the hill from the Americana Malls were also constructed bringin even more customers to the area. Here you see the main highway tunnel in Port Noir, next to it the railway line that goes outside the city, serving as a goods line only bringing goods from the harbor to the airport and other cities. Main roads completed on the hill... Roundabouts are the latest thing in Port Noir everyone loves them. The first thing to be constructed was a brand new mall. The city's 5th starbucks opened up right away... The people here sure love coffee, a recent study showed coffee being one of the top ten items imported to the island. The most imported item though is frozen pizza...
  2. Port Noir

    Updates are a little slow at the moment but a new one will come soon... jacqulina Thanks, not hard making good use of pegasus stuff they are all awesome. edmonton_stinks Thanks alot. oceanmariner Thank you. nottheboss Thanks lucky7 Thanks, That building is a maxis one! All the buildings opposite the Quatre Saisons are Big Vine, Thanks, updates have been a little slow lately but I will update soon. I just demolished the East side of town, just waiting for it to grow again
  3. Paradise Falls 2 created by jacqulina

    I cant believe it's even SC4!, It's so beautiful I like rural towns and it doesn get any better than this. It really looks like a paradise. That farm is the best I seen. Everything is so realistic. I would like my regions to look like this, but then I wouldnt ever build anything in fear of destroying the natural beauty of things. Just so amazing, Id like to live there.
  4. Port Noir

    Today there will be a small update with some random pictures around the less developed and older parts of Port Noir and a visit to the Americana Malls and the beach. This area found on a small hill above Little Paris consists of rows of smaller medium sized buildings. It holds a large scandinavian/german population. This is one of the more expensive areas in the city. Each row of housing have a small bike and pedestrian road between them. This is the same picture used in the banner. Built in the same style as most of the older areas of Port Noir this area too is in extremly high demand for people with money that want a property in the central parts of Port Noir. The city is mostly designed in a 4x4 grid system with parks and playgrounds nestled in the middle of each square. A typical example of a Port Noir suburb. West Noir contains mostly single homes. A swimmingpool here is more a rule than an exception. West Noir stretches all the way down to the marina and the beach strip. This is where some of the wealthiest people live. You can feel the smell of money here... some people say it's actually the papermill over at the harbour that's smelling but the people living here firmly believe that its actually money... it's all paper anyways. North of West Noir we find Port Noirs no1 shopping place. Nicknamed the Americana Malls after the fact that most companies here are american for some weird reason. Anyways this place adds a little (tasteles)flavor to the city. Everyone in town likes to go on a shopping spree during the weekend at theese malls. Parking is plentyful and theres always 15% off on lawn chairs at the home furnishing store! You can always be trendy for a resonable price...Since the area is easily acessed by bus or even subway, teens and licence suspended losers can still spend more money than they should. After you been shopping all day why not stuff your face with something thats so greasy it makes the paper bag it came in transparent? Police is easy to find if someone steals your shoppingbags... since the unofficial police headquarters is located here.... Why not head down to the beach later to cool off? After all that shopping a cool refreshing swim is just the thing to do.. Port Noir's nature conservation society recommends waiting 30 minutes before taking a swim if you eaten. The sharks are getting too fat. If you dont feel like a swim then maybe take a walk on the pier or maybe even do some fishing. Mr. Olofson once caught a 2lbs man-eating herring here... some people doubt that, they do however admit that the herring in theese waters are unusually ill-tempered. Close to the beachfront you will find theese wonderful condominiums. They were recently constructed and the rush to get an apartement here were record-high. It's about as cheap as you can get if you want to live close to the beach. The contractor have pruposed to build more of theese buildings in a few area

    Superb mosaics! I think they would look good framed and hung on the wall. Beautiful
  6. Saint George - rural paradis

    Rural towns are my favorite. I really like the little trail around the houses down by the water on the 1st page. The small commercial areas are just great too!
  7. Principato di Avierna - The Caribbean Riviera

    It looks like a real paradise!. I wouldnt mind having a vacation house there. It just looks so peaceful and beautiful
  8. Severnaya

    Great airport! It's fun to see how you build things too. That mosaic is great!. I like the way you put down roads, I think I get a little inspired by this
  9. A Pocket Guide To Bonne Isle

    I love this CJ, Its always fun to read the little comments. I hope you do a little photoshop how-to. Great to see another mac user too!
  10. Eagle Island

    Your pictures are just stunning!. The city looks so detailed and well planned too. Like there is not a single thing that doesnt look like it got lots of attention. So much details. I especially like your nightshots. Your pictures are perfectly edited just enough photoshopping to bring out the beauty of the pictures and not overdoing it. I so want to know all your photoshop secrets Again awesome just awesome....
  11. Port Noir

    Originally posted by: s_olah Wonderful Update, I love the Burj Al Arab, (btw, from where did you download that, I've been looking for ages...) Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next update...quote> Thanks, the Burj Al Arab hotel can be found at sc4devotion
  12. Port Noir

    This time let's take a look at the latest completed construction projects in Port Noir Down on the artificial island the new hotel is completed. It's simply called the Sail Hotel. View from the east side. You can see part of the marina complex from here. The front of the hotel with it's large fountain. From the observation deck you can see the entire bay of Port Noir. A room here doesnt come cheap. The view is so stunning you can even see the green glow comming from Port Noir's nuclear powerplant. The plant is scheaduled for decomission in the next few years so hurry up before it's gone! The roundabout at the hotels enterance quickly became the city's most popular one. People all over Port Noir come to drive in it...apparently. Weee round and round it goes. The roundabout have become known as pukeadilly circle. Downtown apple unveiled a new apple store. Nobody knew until the opening night what the new store was gonna be. No adverts were put up until the very same day it opened. People stood in line for hours to get the greatest opening night deals. The apple store was built just across the road from Port Noirs latest landmark building. The Vienna Tower a marvle of glass and steel. Ikea also recently opened up a store at the Americana Malls complex. Bringing frustration to the people of Port Noir when they try to assemble their Billy bookcases... The construction down at New Gothia is also finished it turned out to be cheap rental apartements for the less wealthy... (Not quite what I had in mind but oh well) In the effort to be independent of nuclear power the city have constructed a hydroelectric plant in the mountains. We leave this update with a view of one of the oldest skyscrapers in Port Noir, The Grejnes building built in 1932. The workers apparently have waaaaay to much free time and money. 2 people have so far been rushed to the hospital after getting a golfball in the head while walking down main street. Doctors still have no clue....
  13. Eagle Island

    Wow I just gone thru all the pictures. Absolutely stunning I love it. Your waterfronts and industrial areas are just what I would want. Looks great.
  14. Port Noir

    jacqulina Thanks for all the comment, I will do my best to make it even better. CarmineHilton Thank you, The hotel will be up in the next update. Pegasus stuff is great my harbour have been waiting for the new seaport stuff Simtastico Thank you, everyone's welcome to move in, It's a tad bit expensive but I'm sure there's an apartement left on the top floor. pagenotfound Haha sure I assume you mean the highrise next to the stadium. Well I heard there's actually one vacant on that floor. Pack up your stuff and take the next flight in. dabadon5 Thanks alot The Big Z Thank you, construction is finished we are just waiting for the mayor to find a pair of scissors for the ribbon cutting ceremony edmonton_stinks Thank you theres more to come
  15. Port Noir

    Today we are gonna look at some current construction work underway in Port Noir. After all theese new project are finished the city population is estimated to grow from 85,000 to 120,000. There are alot of new highrises under construction and business is booming. The harbour have undergone a huge expansion. Industry and commercial demand is skyrocketing and so is the need for homes. A new artificial island is going to solve the city's desperate need for new land. The plan is to develop a stunning new luxury hotel here. Tourism is a important part of business here. Construction have started on the hotel... Seawalls are constructed to keep the land from eroding. Plans are to build some luxury apartements here.. City planners have zoned for some medium density housing... the buildings will be on the very edge to the sea. Seawall under construction at the hotel site. Some contruction underway in the commercial district. Due to extremely high C$$$ demand the city needs more highrises. Over at New Gothia district the city is re-developing a area for highrise apartements. Alot of historical buildings had to give way for this project. One of the new highrises after completion overlooking the new stadium. It was easy to make a sale here since you can see all the games for free from your balcony!. Down at the harbour the city have just invested in new container cranes. Industrial demand have since skyrocketed and city planners are desperately seeking areas for new industrial development. A ship being loaded with all sorts of goods produced by the idustrial might of Port Noir. The new luxury apartements after completion down by the new hotel construction we visited at the beginning. Soon the hotel will be finished everyone awaits the grand opening.