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  1. This should ring a few bells.

    Yuck. Lighting on the exported building doesn't work. I've read through the "BAT Help - Lighting" thread here... I have all my lights prefixed with 'nitelite', the building's power consumption is over 15 units, and I'm powering the building. Other custom BATs I've downloaded do light up, so I know I have the Maxis patch. Am I missing something obvious? Also, I'd like to change the Query SFX, but SC4Tool won't let me change any values. Maybe I can take my problems to another thread, if someone will point me in the right direction.
  2. This should ring a few bells.

    Well, I haven't made any changes to the mesh, but I've reworked all the texturing and lighting from scratch. I think it looks much better.
  3. This should ring a few bells.

    Ouch, some pretty harsh words there Fox. I can't claim to be a 'pro' but I did say I was 'experienced;' that is, I'm used to working on polygon meshes and can make my way around the Max interface, so I only have to learn the nuances of the BAT extensions and not how to make a box. I agree that the lights are overblown; I really don't know why they're so extreme since they seemed fine before. What aspect of them should I change? Do I darken the color, lower the multiplier, or narrow the hotspot or falloff? Making the spotlights cast shadows left ugly criss-crossing shadows from the tower on the arches. I turned shadows off for aesthetic purposes but if you think realism is more important I'll try it. Perhaps I can reduce the shadow opacity. I'll darken and matte the saucer a bit more, but I'm kinda stuck for the base. As a reference I'm using the pyramids at Teotihuacan ( http://www.richard-seaman.com/Travel/Mexico/Teotihuacan/index.html ) which as you can see don't have a lot of detail. Should I scrap the entire base and re-model it with more terraces, platforms and mastabas closer to the source? Extracting new textures from photographs and bump-mapping them could go a long way, but as the sides and tops are the same material it's going to be difficult creating visual depth, given the SC4 perspective. And I honestly don't think I can improve the modeling of the tower, arches, or crown any more than I have. I'd appreciate more constructive advice from someone as obviously experienced at this as you are, but mutual respect and patience will go a long way.
  4. This should ring a few bells.

    I think I'm done! I've worked on it all day and I think it's about ready for export.
  5. This should ring a few bells.

    I've done some more work, leaving the SimCity 2000 model behind and working towards SimCity 4-level quality. Still working out the big things right now, but getting closer to detailing. And, I got nightlights working. How's the spacing on the tower girders? I can make them sparser and thicker, or denser and thinner... it's a matter of taste, really, since they're all parametric (Tesselate + Lattice). Are there any tutorials on making animated props or nightlights?
  6. This should ring a few bells.

    Hmm. Scale actually raises a few problems. The original SC2K lot was 4x4 but that was the largest lot available at the time. I think 6x6 would be a better choice for SC4, with a total height of about 120m. That's neatly half the scale of the real-world monuments the Llama Dome is based on. Thanks for the tips on color. I'll make sure I keep a close eye on it. With some research I've found I can import/export to 3D Studio (with all my plugins) with .MD3 as an intermediary. I'll hope to find some nice things here.
  7. Can't believe this hasn't been done yet. Now, I'm an experienced 3D Studio modeler, but I'm totally new to the BAT and SC4 modding. Anything I should keep in mind while I'm working?