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  1. Miami Dade

    That is a good idea! Where can i get those and how do they work?
  2. Miami Dade

    I made another screen of my suburbs Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. Miami Dade

    I am building a big city in the Miami Dade Region and i am not so experienced with it so i am hoping op some usefull comments about my screen. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. How to start your region

    Those dirt track mods, are they working the same as the streets? I got enough non-Maxis trees just look in my second and last screen. The only problem i face is that if i start and i get all the trees on the mape it's gonna take me for hours. The god modd with the normal maxis tree plant help (the big green cirkle) is much faster to use. I just wanna say it's borring if i want to plant all the non-maxis trees in my town.
  5. How to start your region

    Like i told you guys, here are some pics of my region now. Please give some comment of it so i can use it to my advantage. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Little settlements Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Little settlement and the beginning of some industry Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. How to start your region

    Markus really nice industrial arrea. How did you build the diagnol streets? I am also trying to build them, but it isn't really working. I believe that you only needed the NAM right? The last couple of days i played in my region and i started 4 sections now. The problem i now face is that my sims are asking much more things such as schools, hospitals, garbage, parks and all of those are expensive. Later this week i shall post some pics of what i have done allready.
  7. Got some brown boxes problem

    Problem is solved! I had to much sidewalks mods and i deleted one and that worked
  8. Got some brown boxes problem

    I got them in my plugins all with names so i can track them down more easily. I was hoping that someone had the same problem and knows which download it can be.
  9. Got some brown boxes problem

    I think it's a pavement mod where i am missing something. I downloaded a couple ones from the stex. It will be a lot of searching to get the problem out of it.
  10. I got this brown boxes problem. It's only when i am building the grey streets and if i build the black ones the boxes are away. Does someone knows what it is and to solve it? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. How to start your region

    I have allready started one city with only farms, small houses and a little bit of industry and just let it grow, I am just building what demant is asking. The only problem is that i don't know to set the taxes right. Must i have everything on 9.00%?
  12. How to start your region

    Thanks Chuck. By the way if i want to start from a small town with manny farms to a bigger city how must i use the taxes? Yesterday i started my first city and the taxes are all on 9.00% But how do i have to regulate my taxes through out the game?
  13. How to start your region

    Thanx guys. I think i will begin small with farms and some houses and shops and then i want it to expand in the endless with much of skyscrapers. I will begin with small roads and replace them when the roads have to much traffic. @GRStudios, I have read the beginning of the topic you suggested, but the man who is developing the city doesn't use highways. So i am asking when i have to use highways?
  14. I just started a new region and i don't know how to start it. The first thing i do is to build highways and other kind of transportation. When i am ready with it i want zo zone all the houses, commercial and industry. Is that the right way to start? And how about if i put the industry in one city and the commercial and houses into the other does that diliver me with long journeys? Can someone give me a little bit of commentary?
  15. Hole digging isn't working

    Thanx dude. You are right!