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  1. SimTower

    Good news! I managed to solve the problems, and now the elevators carry multiple people! The demo and paid version have both been updated, with people arriving to the tower at somewhat random times, instead of instantly, and some improvements on rooms (darkened rooms when there's no one there, red rooms/floor if the path is blocked). The next release will include a bulldoze tool, as well as the start of changed graphics (and hopefully the ability to click+drag to build a rectangle of floor, instead of having to move the mouse over every square)
  2. SimTower

    It's closed source, but the assets are loaded from xml files. I suggest checking out the demo if you're interested. Once the core functionality is in the game, then I'll be focusing on adding more support for modding and adding custom rooms. As for the angle, I'm not entirely sure what it is. It's a fairly typical Isometric viewing angle, though I'm not going to use any assets that come from The Sims or other games, period. In short, I've been trying to get the elevators to carry more than one person at a time. At a few points, it would work, but one person would be stuck in the elevator forever, or a few other bugs. I'm going to be working on it tonight, so hopefully I can manage to solve the problem. Once I get it working, I'm going to release a new version.
  3. SimTower

    The only major change that's going to happen in the next month or so is using smaller tile sizes. So tiles will be 64x32, instead of 128x64. Beyond that, the only real problem with custom rooms is that the game is hard coded to only load the three basic rooms that exist right now (2 hotel rooms, and the office). It probably will stay hard coded at least until the tile size changes, most likely a little bit longer.
  4. SimTower

    Multiple viewing angles is a lot easier in 3d, where assets don't have to be created for each angle (See: Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 vs Rollarcoaster Tycoon 1&2). Most games with huge file sizes have budgets of a few million dollars, at least, and anywhere from 10-200 people working on them (depending on size and budget). Meanwhile, I am one person, working part time after work and on weekends, with a budget of exactly $0 (or at best, whatever money I end up paying out of pocket to people for their work). The current engine isn't really designed around multiple viewing angles, and it makes a lot of assumptions based on that fact. It's unfortunate, but rather than delaying progress for another few years while I rewrite everything, I'd prefer to have the core functionality done, and release a game that people can play now, and eventually mod excessively. If the first version of Isotower is successful, then I can take suggestions and ideas for a sequel, including using an actual 3d engine. If it's really successful, I can hire multiple people to help with coding, graphics, etc, and the end result would be an even better game. Sadly, I was not able to get a new version out tonight. The current elevator code is buggy, and it's not quite on the level of polish that I want. I intend to keep working on it when I can this week, and hopefully will have a new version out soon. Thanks.
  5. SimTower

    The real problem with having multiple angles is that the game is normal old 2d, so multiple angles means needing double the amount of art (or more). Maybe at some point in the future I'll end up making Isotower 2: In 3d, but for now, I'm just going to keep things in 2d.
  6. SimTower

    Yeah, bulldozing and 'rotate room' are coded, but are fairly buggy right now, so they didn't get in the first release. I'll try to have the bulldoze function working in the next one, though. I plan on working on and improving the graphics this month, probably something along the lines of a pixelated graphic setup, though exactly how that will turn out, I'm not sure. All the room graphics are simply .png files, and replacing them is a simple matter of saving a new file on top of the old one (or changing the xml files that include all the data for a room) Though, the layout of the files, and a few other things, will likely be changing, as I intend to add animations for people in rooms, and a few other things. I don't really plan on adding a "Sim Tower" style view for the entire tower, as there's a lot of edge cases where that view just wouldn't work out too well. But there will probably be something like a minimap view which will give you a basic overview of everything from a "Sim Tower" perspective, but it will probably just focus on elevators and other transportation options, and won't really show off the rooms. Thanks, everyone. I'm going to try to get a new version out by Sunday night.
  7. SimTower

    Hi, developer of Isotower here. I've been a fan of pretty much all the Maxis games from the 90s, and I dream of someday taking most of those games and upgrading and improving on them. For some silly reason I chose to start with Sim Tower (which wasn't even developed by Maxis, but anyway). I've been dreaming of something like Isotower for ages, and have been working on it for about 2 years (though too much of that was sitting around doing nothing..) About a month ago, I released a demo, but it was a really really basic version of the game, and honestly there wasn't much to it and it was actually pretty boring. So I've been working on improving the game and Isotower has started taking it's first steps from "really basic engine" to "some semblance of gameplay". There should be a new, better version out this weekend, actually. Honestly, there's a few problems with it (it uses placed rooms, instead of the much better 'zoning' system, and it's impossible to watch more than one floor at a time...), but rather than let the game sit around forever in development, I figured it'd be better to move forward and get the game out. My eventual goal is to allow for a level of control over the rooms via a javascript scripting engine, and lots of support for user made content. Stuff like custom scenarios should be possible, along with abilities to change the game in ways that I probably won't even think of. A lot of the custom user plugins are a bit of a way off, though. My current goal is making the game have all the major features of Sim Tower, it's close, but not there yet. Finally, I plan on streamlining the elevator configuration. Saving/loading, copy/pasting elevator schedules. Side note: Theme Hotel is a pretty decent Sim Tower-esq flash game, though it suffers some control problems common with sim games in flash.
  8. Ehm, just play?

    Originally posted by: Neotrezz I can not play offline also .. thats the whole deal.. they make it internet dependable .. while i only try to play 'offline'.. so we still need a internet connection to play offline.. thats kinda weird don't you think?quote> It's an online beta test. If they had an offline mode, then people could just download it and pirate the game. Yes, it stinks that you can't create an account right now, since their site is down. Hopefully it'll be up tomorrow. Why'd you pay $18 for this, though?
  9. CitiesXL site traffic too high?

    It pops open the folder when it's done downloading, and it defaults to downloading to the C: drive, under program files, i think. Make sure you have about 3 gb clear on that drive.