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  1. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    Originally posted by: sam Unfortunately you won't be able to find city files here at ST, and you won't find many on the web. City files are huge, and would consume a lot of bandwidth which is why few sites host them. quote> Thank you for your response. I thought it was a long-shot, but thought that it may be probably since you can download lots/houses on sims 2 - but I understand how big the files would be... I've been downloading programs & files & looking at CJ so that I could create a real nice city. Thanks again
  2. Can't Find It? Ask Here!

    I've been searching around and I can't find an answer to this: I would like to download an entire city and play around with that. I see that there are really creative and beautiful cities out there, but I don't know if it's possible to download an enitre city. All I can find are ploppable lots, rec/civic lots, etc. but not cities... Anyone out there with some tips? Thanks bunches!