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  1. World Cities. (Update 28

    in the las vegas section what lot is this? i did not want to double post but you should so do a version of denver
  2. Hey I have been wondering is it possible to use any of the buildings from google earth like the 3d ones in SC4? I have tried to use the BAT, but I am terrible with it so is there a way to load them on the BAT and what not and get custom buildings? There are just so many incredible buildings here in denver that no one has on here that would be great for any city. Any help would be much appreciated thanks
  3. Parking lots are grass/ frequent crashs

    i figured it out i changed the settings to high they were on low and removed a few of the plug ins ran a virus scan and now i am good, thank you all though for your help!!!!!
  4. New Official BAT Request Thread

    doodlez, do you have any denver buildings already if so where did you find them i live in denver and am trying to find some denver buildings but to you and everyone else on here i have some specs on the qwest building: http://www.denverskyscrapers.com/tallbuildings_downtown_507_714.html it is at the bottom of the page there with some pics and specs
  5. Parking lots are grass/ frequent crashs

    i am pretty sure i have all dependencies it is happening with origincal buildings like the city college and police stations except those are missing details, but how am i supposed to know which dependencies i need?
  6. So the title pretty much says it all some of my parking lots mainly landmarks they are gren like grass its a minor thing but it has been bugging me, also my game keep crashing not completely just minimizes on its own and it is getting frustrating im out of ideas please help.
  7. the other thing i wanted to suggest being as that i live in denver you need put the highways in downtown does not have that many buildings yet i wish we did
  8. New Official BAT Request Thread

    i have a few equests i have not ever seen ay buildings from denver in here and if i was good at making them than i woul certainly do them myself but here they go invesco field at mile high the colorado convention center i think is the wells fargo theater now though lastly the landmark at greenwood village shops homeof the new comedy works!!
  9. not bad whats the light rail you have in one of the pics is that on here? Too bad there are no good building downloads of buildings here if I knew how to make buildigs I would definitely make some like the pepsi center, auraria campus, convention center, 16th street mall, and the art museum but its not too shabby
  10. Building Plop Mod Issues

    unsure of the snow mod it is one i found on here, i am going to try and get a different terrain that is a little higher up i have pretty much just a flat land one you can build more stuff that way but i would love somemountains and hills, my commercial and industrial plop buildings are working just great just the houses but that works fine now so ya. i have been playing sc4 for a while now but recently getting into all the mods and everything is there any good ones that will help with the population and raise it, or even lower the industrial i am not to fond of the industrial area i like to keep those in seperate cities if you will like the farms and stuff
  11. Building Plop Mod Issues

    thank you i figured it was something like that i remember it back in the day, but any help on the snow mod?
  12. irencently downloaded the building plop mod it works great just one problem that i have always had maybe someone can help me. Whenever I plop down a residential building it is fine for awhile than i get the briefcase icon above it even if it is in the middle of the downtown area can someone help me with any ideas or suggestions? are you not supposed to plop residential lots or what any help would be great also if someone can explain to me the snow mod i cannot get it work at all thank you
  13. Cemetary

    i like it there is a cemetery here called riverside really creepy maybe you could create it on here