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  1. Mornington Crescent

    Nice move QuiltedLlama....I think I'm going to Great Portland Street.
  2. Mornington Crescent

    Not the Hammersmith opening! You're really putting on the pressure with that one. After careful consideration, I'm going to Gunnersbury.
  3. Mornington Crescent

    Are we playing West Homestead style? If not, I'm going to use the Docklands Gambit to go to West India Quay.
  4. What Wrong With The Grid-System?

    Where American cities are boring and wasteful it's not because of a grid system, it's because they grew in the age of the automobile and - no matter how their streets are laid out - they have the following: -Wide roads with high speed limits -Small sidewalks -Single-use zoning (meaning things are farther away from each other and it requires driving) -Excessive amounts of space used for parking, which makes it too easy to drive everywhere and discourages pedestrian activity (because no one wants to walk past or through a huge parking lot...it's boring and can even be dangerous) I actually think a grid, if the streets themselves are designed properly, is better for walking because its easier for pedestrians to find their way around. Also, grids reduce traffic because if there's traffic on one street, drivers just hop over one block and can get to the same place, whereas in non-grid cities you only have one alternative to get somewhere. Because non-grids can cause bottlenecks, transportation planners have to overcompensate for cars. Look, for instance, at the gigantic circle around the Arc de Triumphe in Paris or the massive Liberty Bridge/Blvd of Allies/I-579 interchange that cuts Mellon Arena and Duquesne University off from Downtown Pittsburgh. Both of those were necessitated by a non-grid street plan and are awful for pedestrians. The one thing a grid does poorly is creat "focal points," which I think is why SimCity players don't like grids much. A place like the Arc de Triumphe, with so many streets leading to it, really creates a gathering place. New York is a grid, but where is the one major gathering place? Times Square, with its odd layout due to Broadway. I think all in all, the best way to build a city is a grid system with a few diagonals overlaid on it so that people can take shortcuts and also to create focal points and gathering places where the diagonals intersect with major grid roads or create small triangles that can be used as pocket parks. Ironically, this is the road system that Detroit has, and it creates a lot of cool little spaces while maintaining a grid...but Detroit has so many other problems that this advantage doesn't help much.
  5. Vale

    Very very cool city. Very realistic.
  6. Seawall Question

    Is there a tutorial for building seawalls? I just downloaded a set and I'm struggling to get them to look right.
  7. Show us your - Ghettos

    Here are a few from Khoreyopolis: Peabody, near the Khoreyopolis Zoo: Ironically, this neighborhood, east of Grand Circus Park, is surrounded by three affluent areas: This area, north of Khoreyopolis University, is a good example of what freeway construction can do to inner-city areas: This is from Port Khorey, another city in the region. The neighborhood is called Corktown and it used to look like this: After mass demolition and transportation and recreation improvements, its no longer a ghetto!
  8. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Benedict made this awesome map off a much messier version that I made a while ago. I've added the station names, however.
  9. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Benedict requested that I add transit stations to this map, so here they are All these maps are so good! You make mine look pretty weak in comparison.
  10. Show us your city, road or transit maps!

    Here's my first attempt at a map of downtown Khoreyopolis:
  11. Port Matthew and Vicinity

    I really liked the airport and you do a really good job with your waterfront cities.
  12. Show us your skyscraper districts!

    A few of mine Khoreyopolis has three "skylines" Downtown: West End Circle: and the West India Docks, a redeveloped industrial/seaport area: Around the rest of the metro area: Downtown College Park, near Khorey State University: Khorey Island, off the coast of Port Khorey, a fashionable place to live and work: And the Uptown District on the mainland in Port Khorey: The SteelCorp Headquarters and surrounding area in Uniontown: And finally downtown Xavierville, which has fallen on tough times recently:
  13. Port Matthew and Vicinity

    Those are really cool subdivisions. I know I don't have the patience to make my suburbs that realistic. I also like your mountain town two updates ago.
  14. SOCEND

    Nice city! I really like your seaport area and the density and realism of you downtown.
  15. Port Matthew and Vicinity

    Very cool city. I like the mountain and peninsula in the bay downtown. My favorite part is how the grid continues no matter what the topography is - it reminds me a lot of San Francisco.