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  1. SAM Site

    WORLD DOMINATION!!!!!!!!!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *fires SAM* I liked your WWII tanks *send tanks out and destroys half the world* 10/10
  2. Berlin W2W Houses

  3. Hydro Electric Dam

    Is just a lot, or a whole building, cuase i have a dam and it only shows the base
  4. Brandenburg Gate

    Ok..... THIS FRIGGIN SUCKS!!!!!!!
  5. Wii Logo Bilboard

    SWEET ...... Now that would go good with a gaint statue of a Wii and if you made a commercial store that sells Wiis WIIs RULE!
  6. cameras

    ok... what are they for?
  7. SaB WWIIAxis Tank Set01

    If only u can drive them, I would of givin it a 10/10 (On my scale, a 27/10)
  8. Super Toxic Waste Dump

    Ok... 1 word: DESTROY THE CITYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be happy to destroy mine, THEY WON"T STOP RIOTING AND STRIKE AFTER I GAVE THE WHAT THE WANT!!!!! -and it put me in debt- Now if nonly the brought the Toxic cloud and Radioactive zones from Sim City 3000 any way 9/10
  9. Berliner Reichstag

    1 word.... AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! This would go great in my Berlin map! If i could only get my Brandenburg gate to work....
  10. Brandenburg Gate

    So what your saying is... I NEED THE ONE FROM CITY>COM FOR THIS TO WORK!!!!!! OMG!! I can't download that one, it says my serial number is not "valid"
  11. Surface Water Volume 1

    AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!! That looks so cool Can u drive boats on it? Where can i download the dam.