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  1. 800x600 Pleeease

    If there was no height limit, there would be a tendency to push the envelope of mosaic-like pictures. It would turn into a contest to see who could make the longest mosaic possible. The rule works, and most people who break it do so by accident. I rarely see someone posting oversized pictures in two straight updates. Some new members do not read the rules, but once they are pointed out, the members seem to follow them pretty well. Thanks to everyone who follows the rules, and make our jobs a little easier!
  2. City Deal Questions for a NewMember

    The word that is not there: A new person slang word, which can/has been used as an insult and has started many arguments. It is automatically changed to save this from happening in the future. It is done automatically, not by anyone. Say the secret word and you will find out nothing, as usual. The key is n.00b
  3. The Republic of Newport [USCN]

    Very nice story, good luck!
  4. rockraider's projects for the STEX

    The grid size is probably changed, I do the same thing. As for the model, nice so far. Suggestions: 1) The flagpole is in front of the window, so it should be moved, or turned into a flag that is affixed to the front of the building, maybe over the door. If you do keep it on the ground, I would make a base or planter for it to sit on. 2) If those windows are as large as a double door, they will not be double hung windows, but just a flat piece of glass (picture window). 3) The roof texture is not correct. A flat roof will not be shingled, so it should be more of a tar or metal texture, and not so many squares. That is it for now, move views will give us a better concept of the entire model, good luck!
  5. January Bay [Past and Present]

    Looks great so far! I would not worry about replies, they will come, just have a little patience. No great CJ starts out great, they grow over time. Keep it up!

    I have moved this topic to the Mapping Community Board, I think you will get better answers here. -gshmails
  7. New Simmer question

    Welcome to Simtropolis! You do not get to choose whether CS or CO will grow, but if you have demand for one, that will likely be what grows. If the wrong one does grow, bulldoze it and try again. What will allow your CO to grow is contingent on many things. First off, you will not get skyscrapers for quite a while, so do not expect them until your population is over 50,000 people. Make sure you have parks and plazas, a well used transportation system including mass transportation. Place landmark buildings and rewards when you get them. Good luck!
  8. Acropolis

    Welcome back! Looks good so far, I love seeing how people create their transportation system. Nice stuff!
  9. Direction of waterpipes

    Just drag the pipes in the direction you want, they should orient to the direction of your drag. But the pipe direction is not as important and the pipe coverage area. As long as the area/building is in the blue, it has water. Good luck, and welcome to Simtropolis!
  10. Haifa

    Sounds interesting, good luck!
  11. Dirk Day (System Administrator Appreciation Day)

    Long live the Dirktator! You deserve all the best!
  12. Go to the advanced search option, and type in "crash" in the correct box (make sure you search in titles only). Trust me, there are plenty of threads you can read through. Do you have regular or deluxe SC4? Do you have many modds and plugins? There are many variables that will cause a crash. Good luck!
  13. Help Me Out Please!!!

    One of the wonderful things about SimCity is that there is no perfect city. Nor are there necessary lots or modds. It is all personal preference. The more custom content you download, the more varied your city will be. There are plenty of threads that suggest some specific things to download. The two necessities are the opera house fix (fixes a major bug in-game) and the NAM, which allows you to expand your transportation systems. In terms of environment, again, there are dozens of water, terrain, and rock modds on the stex. Which one you choose depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Browse the stex, you will find what you need!
  14. 'Extra' time on my hands

    I am very happy that you have found a life outside of SC4, but why tell us, and why put it in the Societies Forum? Are you announcing your retirement from this site? Are you trying to tell us there is more out there? I am a little confused by your statement.