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  1. Ya I have the same problem with the ferry stuff too.
  2. Lincoln, Nebraska

    I was in lincoln the other day to get gas cuz i was traveling on I-80 to minnesota from california and, nice job. i see the interstate and the the lincoln airport.
  3. Originally posted by: diva613 nafadx when you are typing just make sure that you are not pressing shift and enter at the same time what that is is a code that automatically imprints the word wrap funtion. quote> Just how do you undo this wrap around function?
  4. i did make it paragraphs. i just came out that way and i dont know why. ill try to fix it
  5. OK heres my list of stuff...... and please read it all. I hope the developers of this new Simcity game will be actually reading everyones suggestions on the different sites and not just saying they are. So far, in the screenshots ive seen, ive only seen a 2-lane each way avenue. What about everything else!?!? Ex. highway, 1-way, street, regular road, train, subway, tunnels, docks, monorail and whatever else i forgot. Enviorments. Will it have snow, rain, sleet, frost, highwinds, cloudy days, thunderstorms, hail, tornados*, water spouts, hurricanes or tropical disturbances?? There should be a new advisor, the NOAA or National Weather Service advisor to warn you of bad weather. I heard somewhere that they are dropping the whole advisor system. I say please don't. They piss me off sometimes, but thats what makes Simcity what it has become. Will there be high altitude snow? rivers running from mountian to sea? there better be. that would be nice. or even deserts like Moab, Utah with the arches and stuff. I know some of thoes are on the disaster list, but they come with some thunderstorms. i got a better idea. there should be a setting that you can choose to have random disasters. each one should have their own option, so a volcano cant come out in your city when the only you want is a tornado. Will they ever get rid of thoes appearing and disappearing cars? They should come out of the drive-ways or parking lots. Why do the roads and streets not have on street parking? That would make it more realistic. That happens in the real world. Can the people making SCS make the 1-way 1-way interscetions work properly. they dont work good in SC4. One idea that i just thought up.... the u-drive-it thing. you should be able to have an in car camera, as if you were actually driving. and that goes for everything: car, plane, boat. and they should make the all planes from the large and municple arpts, and i mean all the planes, flyable. i really want to fly the 747 Another idea is you can go inside the buildings. that would be cool. like you can do stuff in the mayors house and drive around giving speeches and now my ideas are getting stupid.....some of this might not make sense because i did not really proofread all this so i mite have spelled things rong or whatnot.... If anyone of you people making this game just happen to be reading my post, take my ideas seriouslly,and everyone elses too, because we would like to have a satisfying product and so do many other Simcity players/fans. I understand the people making this game want money, right? The way to do it is to appeal to the potental customers (the fans) and give them what they want. Advertise by showing screenshot of actual suggestions (like mine!!), and that may get people supportive and more excited of the new game. The ones i have seen, it makes me disapointed, because, first of all, the graphis were fine, it seems to lack transportation options and it just looks like a step backwards in a wonderful and nice game. ...I could go on forever!!!(ahhh, maybe not... yawn..) -ME