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  1. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    not too sure were to find that mod (if it even is a mod) Please direct me to the location of were that is.
  2. I cannot find a RPATCH.exe anywere. Please upload it.
  3. SC4 Extra Cheats DLL

    THIS DOES NOT WORK. The .dll file was placed in the My Documents\SimCity4\Plugins and the game will not load... OR... when I take the .dll file out of that DIR the game loads fine (simcity 4000)... but when I press, ctrl alt del (taskmanager, temporarily getting out of the game)....then placing the simcitymoneycheat.dll (or whatever its called) Simcity 4000 shuts down immediately. Point is.. the money cheat .dll file doesnt work at all.. and it sucks! (sucks that it dont work that is) Because I really need alot of money in my city!! Im about $90,000 in debt every month -------------- I run Windows Vista Home Premium